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  1. RonCain

    Removing fake customers

    Have this same issue. There is obviously a program flaw. This is definitely a bot. Some similarities in all fake new customers show it to be so. For example Geographical regions do not match up for example the customer will be in New York USA Russia. This also points out a second commonality the state/province is almost always if not always a country. Also all fake users have a phone and fax numbers, bots can't help themselves but to fill in all the blanks. It would be great if the exploit could be discovered and repaired. I have to admit I have been using OSC for around a decade and have loved it; but this breach has me reconsidering. Development on the product seems to have stalemated and now issues like these. If honeypot works, I see it is javascript does it require the java client to work and how is this going to be affected with the death of the free java client.