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  1. thanks Dan will join the Phoenix Club. Hope to be able to be of assistance.
  2. OK thank you. Either I have misunderstood or the person who answered my question regarding this misunderstood. Can anyone else confirm whether there is a phoenix solution to add recaptcha or is the frozen solution still valid? We have a recaptcha account for the site already.
  3. I am referring to bots spamming through the OSC contact page and bots that spam create accounts. For example I have had 4 spam accounts created in OSC in the 8 hours since I posted and 8 spam emails from OSC contact page. My understanding from a previous question I had asked in another thread was Honeypot would capture these and block them.
  4. RonCain

    Skip Payments Page - Support Page

    Hi Geoffrey: Do you know if this addon is CE compatible. Thanks for the great job I have used it without issue for years on versions up to
  5. So what about the spam messages, isn't it supposed to block those as well?
  6. OK so I have installed Honeypot yesterday according to the brief instructions included and it is not working for me. Any thoughts?
  7. Yeah it used to show the subs on the left side category container as can be seen in the same store pre Phoenix at thechurchofgod.info/catalog-old
  8. Ok thank you good to know. It used to work the other way as well I will fix it up.
  9. thechurchofgod.info/catalog there should be a sub category under tracts and pamphlets
  10. Thanks Heather that module is installed and Sub-Category list is there and shows up in index-nested group. It is configured as true, width 12 and sort order 200 which is all default I believe.
  11. I am having a problem where sub-categories do not seem to be showing up. Am I missing something, it appears all of the options are enabled by default.
  12. Hi all: Installation is complete. Just rebuilding catalog as we have only a few products. We used to have English, Spanish and French available. I added the new Phoenix compatible Spanish but there appears to be no French. Am I correct? There seems to be some picture size changes the store pictures I used previously are much to small. Can you let me know the new picture sizes? Also is there an SQL transact or something to import my users accounts from the
  13. thanks Burt and Dan. Will get started on this soon and let you know. Have done a few OSC installs so should not be a problem
  14. So same install for a new shop as osc 2.3. Sorry I just love documentation.
  15. is there an installation manual somewhere?