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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Very much in need of this!!!!! Thanks
  2. getyourgold

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I'm also in need to be able to provide multi vendor drop shipping capabilities through my new site. It seems as if there needs to be a way that the shipping options through the checkout option need to be looking at the MVS vendor tables to look at what is setup there for the shipping method and zip code rather than through the original method that OSC was written to do. As a Visial Basic/SQL server programmer, I can see the logic, but I don't know PHP and the coding of OSC well enough to re-code it myself. I need to incorporate the SMC shipping module into the enhanced multi-vendor contribution for my ultimate multi vendor drop shipping environment to be fully functional. :unsure: :blink: :lol: :P :unsure: agifttogo.com
  3. getyourgold

    BTS and STS together

    Hi all, I was playing with STS and created a Product Info page that I like and then today I started a new OScommerce test setup and installed BTS and was able to do much more with BTS than with STS. Does anyone know how I can use the Product Info page that I created with STS to work with my BTS setup? Also, I noticed in the BTS style sheet that the header bar text link colors are the same as the rest of the boxes, etc... I am trying to figure out how to seperate the header bar text color from the other boxes text color (link color). Any suggestions? thanks