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  1. IAmGrammy

    Jssor Slider

    Thanks so much, @Jack_mcs ! It's a great add-on; I really appreciate the help. 🙂
  2. IAmGrammy

    Jssor Slider

    @Jack_mcs I installed this yesterday on the latest Frozen (Github) release and it works beautifully. I wondered if it's possible for the slider to appear on all the store pages? Let me explain why I ask that: I know that some shopping cart software is meant to integrate into your existing web design (Stiva, for instance) and others are more or less stand-a-lone. Because of this, I am doing my best to slowly customize the osCommerce storefront to look as similar to the overall site design as possible. (I paid a lot of money for Stiva and hate it, compared to osCommerce, so you don't always get what you pay for.) I notice that the breadcrumbs and the search feature remain on every page. (I may eventually want to lose those, if my navigation project goes well.) But can the banner slider also travel with each page or is it bound only to the front index? Thanks. 😋