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    Attribute Sets Contribution

    With this contribution, can you create specific attribute sets with specfic prices and then once you have assigned the attributes to each of your products, will modifying an attribute (such as price) modify all of the existing products? As an example, I am listing t-shirts - Small, Medium and Large. In this case, the smallest t-shirt is $1.00, medium is $2.00 and large is $3.00 After assigning these attributes to over 50 different t-shirts, all small, medium and large, if I wanted to say change the price of all medium shirts to $1.25, is there a quick way of doing this through the attributes? Any help or pointers are much appreciated.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Thinking of it literally, I thought that if this was the case where any products that don't have a model number will be treated as new products, I decided to delete my entire catalog of products and update my products with my modified csv. Thanks for your feedback though. Cheers, John
  3. Hi All, I've installed the Easy Populate contribution and I have almost got it working. I have downloaded the text file with my data in it which is around 250 products. Opened the txt file with open office calc and can see all of my product details. I have updated the products model field so each product has an individual product number. I then save my csv file and upload it via easypopulate. Upon importing to the database, all of my existing products are duplicatd because I think it's thinking because there is a new product number, it is in effect a new product. How can I update my product_model details without duplicating my products? Or as an alternative, is there an easy way to delete all products that do not have a product_model? I've searched the forums but I can't ind anything. Any pointers are appreciated. Cheers, John