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  1. CartDesign

    Serve images in next-gen formats

    Browsers from Microsofft do not support webp files. And here with htaccess may be a problem. I like your solution :). It's easier to rebuild a ready module than to write something from the beginning.
  2. CartDesign

    Serve images in next-gen formats

    For example, I have a translucent banner measuring 1900 by 911 pixels. The image in png format is 577 kb, and in webp format is 128 kb. The banner consists of a slide show with three such images. On the banner alone I have a saving of over 1 MB. The images would be generated only once. Then the script would only check if a given image size exists. For example, the latest products. tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $products_new['products_image'], $products_new['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT) Here it turns out that oscommerce also creates the miniatures of images. If only additional webp format creation is added to this function? Before displaying the path, you can check if the browser supports webp, for example, the following code: if((isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT']) === true) && (strstr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'image/webp') !== false)){ Thanks to the above script can pass the path to jpg or webp. I'm already writing the script myself. I need information from You where to find the file with the tep_image function.
  3. CartDesign

    Serve images in next-gen formats

    MrPhil Below I will give you an ideal solution that would suit me. To the function I pass the src of the image as well as the width and height. The function checks if the image named e.g. image-300x400.webp exists. If so, it returns a new src. If not, it converts the original to webp with appropriate dimensions. That's why I would need some kind of php class that converts to webp. I would do the rest This is a manual conversion tool. I want to automate all this. JcMagpie or does it require installation on the server?
  4. Hi I am testing my online shop in the new version of Page Speed Insight and I have a question for you. How to solve the problem: Serve images in next-gen formats. I read that the best format is webp. How to convert images in oscommerce (on the fly) to webp format?