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    Dnj1964 reacted to Jack_mcs in Header Tags SEO   
    Same problem as I mentioned in the other thread. I can't follow the problem.
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    Dnj1964 reacted to LeeFoster in Article Manager v1.0   
    You're better off taking @Jack_mcs advice and paying someone on here to do your install. A lot of the addons that are coming out are plug and play and those that aren't are being adapted so they can be. 
    Spend your money on the supporters pack, and pay someone here to set it all up for you. Updates are no fuss because of the slim core, there are loads of free addons being converted daily to Phoenix standards and that's before you even mention the supporters codes. These are coming from both the main dev team and the other supporters.
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    Dnj1964 reacted to JcMagpie in Article Manager v1.0   
    Unfortunately your not the first to do this and I doubt you will be the last. PreastaShop claimes about 250,000 shops curently and is popular ( I use it on a site). It too is very moduler but ships with most of the key modules ready to install if not installed.
    However they have had issues, I belive if you check it's wiki page they state,
    "In October 2019, PrestaShop closed the Miami headquarters and ceased its operations in the Americas.[10]
    The current and latest version of Prestashop is[11]"
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    Dnj1964 reacted to Jack_mcs in Article Manager v1.0   
    The configuration section in Article Manage was written by the original programmer and I've not changed it. To use it, just click on one of the settings and you will see the edit box.
    Did you install the module for the box?
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    Dnj1964 reacted to Jack_mcs in Article Manager v1.0   
    Please explain what this means in more detail.
    Have you enabled the box in the settings and installed the module?
    This version was written before Phoenix was released so there will be things like that that don't apply. The next version will have a Phoenix-specific set of files.
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    Dnj1964 reacted to JcMagpie in Article Manager v1.0   
    Ok then it should save to all the tables. Manualy check in the bd is the links exist to the articles in  All Articles 4 and All Topics
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    Dnj1964 reacted to JcMagpie in Article Manager v1.0   
    sorry cross posting 😂, ok best left to Jack as he will know better.
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    Dnj1964 reacted to JcMagpie in Article Manager v1.0   
    It looks as if the install is bad, I can only guess from the code I see but it looks to be missing the links in the db to the articles. I'm assuming when you add articles it saves in to db the actual artical and a id to find them all. It looks as if you have added articles by copying them over and not copied the links? Not sure just a guess.
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    Dnj1964 reacted to ArtcoInc in Article Manager v1.0   
    Dreamweaver has been known to create problems with PHP bases, data-drive websites. As I mentioned to you in another thread, try using a different code editor, such as Notepad++.
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    Dnj1964 reacted to JcMagpie in Article Manager v1.0   
    check your code in a clean code editor like notepad++ , If you  are cutting and pasting code from the forum then you can have probems as the code from the form can copy badly.
    This is what I see from your pasted code in php sand box. As you can see extra bits have been added. These will give syntex error. With these removes no syntex error given.

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    Dnj1964 reacted to Jack_mcs in Article Manager v1.0   
    @Dnj1964You don't mention the version of your shop (please always do that) but I will assume Frozen since that is the only version that setting will work with. I just tried it here and it works as expected so I don't have an answer as to why it would fail. But here's a quick fix. Find this line in admin/articles.php
    $hts_status = (ENABLE_HEADER_TAGS_SEO != 'true' ? 'disabled="disabled" ' : ''); and add this below it
    if (false) .
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    Dnj1964 reacted to Jack_mcs in Article Manager v1.0   
    The last released version still uses defined names so it won't work in the CE versions.
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    Dnj1964 reacted to JcMagpie in Manufacturer's Name With URL Link - Content Module - For Product Info Page CE Add-On Bootstrap Community Edition   
    Nice addon had a look and I hope you don't mind but I thought it would be a good idea to add the manufactures logo to this and make that a link as well as I think customers will be more likely to try and press the image. If your happy to  you can update the addon, I have attached the updated zip files.

    Manufacturer Name and image Link In Product Info Content V1.1 - CE.zip