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  1. xhussar

    Fake accounts

    Thank you Burt, for me this is good for a quick fix, I know in theory someone could legitimately enter "apple" or "google" as a company, but as far as I understand this field is there for people who want to get an invoice made out to their companies, and unfortunately no on of the blue chip companies are ordering dietary supplements from us I will try to integrate John's script to exclude registrations with company names instead of numbers in the tax ID field, but for now this seems to do the trick. I had this fake registration problems a few years back already, and after about a half a year it stopped. Just as now, back then too, they used this 3 company names only. They might be kids in Moldova or Russia learning how to hack but probably not being very thorough to put infinite variables when filling out these two fields, as they do in the other fields.
  2. xhussar

    Fake accounts

    Thank you John, it worked for me too with this modification to avoid the need to include the tax id field: if (strtolower($company) == 'google') { $error = true; This stopped most of this kind of fake account sign-ups, but sometimes their bot uses "apple" or "AT&T" as a company name. I am not sure in what format do I need to add other company names to my ban list? I tried this, but it did not work: if (strtolower($company) == 'google' 'apple') { As you see I am not an IT specialist, just trying to solve this by trial and error coding