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  1. For hosted forms. For XML it is the preferred method of implementation The link I sent is for XML implementation classes Hosted forms have not been in use for a very long time now. cheers Peter
  2. The CIM method has a lot of added functionality. You can use it to save credit card data with authorize.net in a PCI safe manor, and subscription etc easily implemented. I have built the CIM based system to save card info etc. I will see if I have some time to put a package together, just that the extraction etc will take some work to do and not sure I have the time until after vacation and work load. There are some class implementations if anyone wants to start it up on development: https://github.com/stymiee/Authorize.Net-XML cheers Peter
  3. cannuck1964

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    This generally means the SOAP library is not installed on the server. This library is needed for the module to communicate with fedex. You may want to contact your hosting provider and ask them about it. cheers Peter
  4. Actually Jack the TLS1.2 requirement will be in 4 months (Sept 18, 2017).
  5. cannuck1964

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    A a mistake I seen here: should have stated : For defining the shipping to type (commercial or residential) I have added a new field to the address_book table called address_type. The address book needs this as the customer may have multiple ship to addresses which means each address should be checked. Cheers Peter
  6. cannuck1964

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    For defining the shipping to type (commercial or residential) I have added a new field to the customer table called address_type. On log in, this new field is made as a session, having the values : residential commercial empty (not set since customer has not added to the cart any items and checked out) the session variable $address_type is added to the shipping module function quote as a global. New code to add into the function quote is: if($address_type == ''){ $path_to_address_validation_wsdl = DIR_FS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_INCLUDES . "wsdl/AddressValidationService_v2.wsdl"; $av_client = new SoapClient($path_to_address_validation_wsdl, array('trace' => 1)); // Refer to http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ref.soap.php for more information ini_set("soap.wsdl_cache_enabled", "0"); $residential_address = true; $address_validation = false; $av_request['WebAuthenticationDetail'] = array('UserCredential' => array('Key' => $this->fedex_key, 'Password' => $this->fedex_pwd)); $av_request['ClientDetail'] = array('AccountNumber' => $this->fedex_act_num, 'MeterNumber' => $this->fedex_meter_num); $av_request['TransactionDetail'] = array('CustomerTransactionId' => ' *** Address Validation Request v2 using PHP ***'); $av_request['Version'] = array('ServiceId' => 'aval', 'Major' => '2', 'Intermediate' => '0', 'Minor' => '0'); $av_request['RequestTimestamp'] = date('c'); $av_request['Options'] = array('CheckResidentialStatus' => 1, 'VerifyAddress' => 1, 'MaximumNumberOfMatches' => 10, 'StreetAccuracy' => 'MEDIUM', 'DirectionalAccuracy' => 'MEDIUM', 'CompanyNameAccuracy' => 'MEDIUM', 'ConvertToUpperCase' => 1, 'RecognizeAlternateCityNames' => 1, 'ReturnParsedElements' => 1); $av_request['AddressesToValidate'] = array( 0 => array( 'AddressId' => 'Customer Address', 'Address' => array( 'StreetLines' => array(utf8_encode($street_address), utf8_encode($street_address2)), 'Company' => $order->delivery['company'], 'PostalCode' => $postcode, 'City' => $city, 'StateOrProvinceCode' => $state, 'CompanyName' => $order->delivery['company'], 'CountryCode' => $country_id ) ) ); try { $av_response = $av_client->addressValidation($av_request); if ($av_response->HighestSeverity == 'SUCCESS') { $address_validation = true; if ($av_response->AddressResults->ProposedAddressDetails->ResidentialStatus == 'BUSINESS') { $residential_address = false; $address_type = 'commercial'; tep_session_register('address_type'); }elseif(($av_response->AddressResults->ProposedAddressDetails->ResidentialStatus == 'INSUFFICIENT_DATA') || ($av_response->AddressResults->ProposedAddressDetails->ResidentialStatus == 'UNAVAILABLE') || ($av_response->AddressResults->ProposedAddressDetails->ResidentialStatus == 'NOT_APPLICABLE_TO_COUNTRY')) { $address_type = 'residential'; tep_session_register('address_type'); } } } catch (Exception $e) { } if ($address_validation == false) { if ($order->delivery['company'] != '') { $residential_address = false; } else { $residential_address = true; } } if(isset($customer_id) && ($customer_id > 0)) tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK . " set entry_delivery_type = '" . tep_db_prepare_input($address_type) . "' where address_book_id = '" . (int)$order->delivery['delivery_id'] . "'"); }else{ if ($address_type == 'commercial') { $residential_address = false; } else { $residential_address = true; } } This new code work is based off of USPS tables that fedex looks up the address to find out the address type. If no type is returned and the customer has a company name then defaults to commercial, else all others are residential. hope this helps. cheers Peter
  7. Distance based shipping This module will allow you to define a set radius from 0 to any other value in your selected unit of measure imperial or metric, (base radius). This defined zone around your shipping area can have a defined cost associated with it from 0 to any other value (defined zone cost). The unit of measure will be calculated based on the per unit of measure cost that is defined in the settings section in the admin. Distance outside of this defined radius will incur charges based on the following formula: shipping cost = (define zone cost + ((total distance shipped - base radius) * per unit of measure cost) Distance is rounded up to nearest KM or mile. Requests are sent in SSL mode (I may change this later but would fully expect people to use SSL in the checkout section) Add on is found at: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9543 cheers Peter M
  8. cannuck1964

    UPS Dimensional Weight Starting in 2015

    We have successfully implemented UPS dimensional shipping. Did you make any changes to the UPS XML version or just implement shipping sizes in the product editing and set up the shipping sizes in the admin tool? As well did you use the same logic for the Fedex module? thanks, Peter
  9. cannuck1964

    fedex smartpost shipping method

    Just curious, where did you get this module?
  10. Hi, I was looking to install this module on a site, but ran into issues with PHP compatability. In the create_order.php file, you are using : $result = $rs->fetch_all(MYSQLI_ASSOC); // line 89 which works with php 5.3 and beyond. With the 5.2 serries it has issues. I switched to an older file you have there and the drop down has some strange test options to use. On any selection I then get another error: Which again I am sure would be related to compatability issues. Will your newest version fix compatability issues? and when might you release this? Just curious if you have a time line is all. thanks Peter M PS. it is a pretty impressive piece of work still :)
  11. The latest release has an issue with the categories editing tool, it does not save the Category name or the description. No error is generated, as well the category id is not set on the redirect after the edit... cheers Peter
  12. Spring is in the air.... Is it time to clean out the code closets and see what is needed or not?

    1. MrPhil


      I've got some lines of FORTRAN IV (ANSI-66) that I'll trade for a like number of COBOL.

    2. cannuck1964


      lol...I have older spaghetti basic code from vic 20 days :)

  13. Thankfully spring finilly found me .....

  14. Tax time is coming up....

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      Tax need not be taxing :) I wish !

  15. Are we there yet?

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      If you kids don't freakin' SHUT UP, I'm gonna turn this car around RIGHT NOW!

  16. Is this snow ever going away, what happened with global warming??

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      Spring begins in 04:06!

  17. When is that spring chicken getting here??

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      Walked across the road today and the old chicken kicked me

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      It's eyeing *you* for a trip to the frying pan!

  18. Another snow day, when is spring coming to Canada's winter land?

  19. Seems like a spring day in Canada -- is this global warming ?

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      Canadian winters aren't what they used to be. The birds don't even migrate anymore....lol

  20. Trying to beat this #$%$ cold....all stuffed up :(

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      There's a lot of that going around. I feel bad for you....get well !

  21. cannuck1964


    Yes, this also leaves you open to liability issues, and if the credit card companies find out, they can remove your credit card processing entirely from your business (and sue you for any losses they incurred). The CVV is never to be stored, it is used and discarded, even PCI does not allow for the saving of this value.. cheers
  22. cannuck1964

    New BSD License

    Hi, I am wondering a few things on the new release being based on BSD License. There are several flavours of BSD ( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_licenses ) , which is going to be used ? What will this mean in terms of code, will code still be required to be released with both the source code ( for binaries ) and no encryption? Is there a reason that a move away from the GPL has been done for ver 3 ? I have been using GPL based code for many years and just not positive of all of the changes that this will bring about in terms of requirements on code development and releases. cheers
  23. Spring is coming, just so slowly.....

  24. is it vacation time yet?

  25. I was having issues with the - (minus sign) within the urls. there is also additional code to prevent the XSS with the replacement of specific characters with the encoded representatives of the character... cheers