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  1. @ArtcoInc thanks but that got wrong when I tested.. menu got strange.. the second image is before and the first one after.
  2. Is it possible to center the menu instead of have it to the left ?
  3. osCommerce CE Bootstrap Version Why is the categories not 3 on every row ? Some rows only have 1 and others 3 as it should be ?
  4. I use CE bootstrap version also called Frozen if someone is up to do this..
  5. I use CE bootstrap version. Is there any mod that can make the image on New products on index page and product listing to change image on mouse over ? It show the first image first and when you do mouse over it changes to the second images you have inserted to the product ?
  6. @kgtee Well done of you ! I wish it was a Phoenix shop this one, I use CE bootstrap version. It is to much work to move to Phoenix with Swedish languages and stuff right now for me. But thanks for your effort!
  7. Yes that is true. If I want to do it in the New product for october menu on the indexpage I guess this is the code that needs to be changed. <a href="<?php echo tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . (int)$new_products['products_id']); ?>"><?php echo tep_image('images/' . $new_products['products_image'], htmlspecialchars($new_products['products_name']), SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, 'itemprop="image"'); ?></a> That shows the Main image, then if I want to have a mouse over that shows the Large image as the thunmbnail in that place I need to change that code somehow.
  8. Thanks, that is what i want.. if I only knew how to make it..
  9. I am not sure I made it so clear what I want to do. I insert 2 images to a product, normally the first image shows up like the thumbnail in the shop everywhere, and then, when someone hovers their mouse over th thumbnail the second images shows there.
  10. I need it to do it automatically for every product..
  11. My skill is not that good. I want it to be like when you hover over a images it changes to the images number 2 you have inserted to the product. How can that be done ?
  12. What I mean is, if there is 2 product images or more it show images number 2 on mouse over, normally it shows images number 1 like it does as standard.
  13. I use CE bootstrap version. I am making a Halloween theme for my clients and I got stuck, where do i change the Backgrond color in New products for october on the index page ? See the images..
  14. Thanks for the tip @Heatherbell , now I could change it!
  15. I use CE bootstrap version. Is there any mod so you can Export more than one order at once ?
  16. It is for a client of mine, but I will consider it if there is no free ones.
  17. I mean, I need to print out more than one invoice at time.
  18. I use CE bootstrap version. Is there a way to hide products with 0 quantity ?
  19. Yeah.. you are right, it is like that when you have configured the stock configs.. thanks..