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  1. @Heatherbell Thanks I understand that.😀
  2. Thanks for the tip @Heatherbell , now I could change it!
  3. I use CE bootstrap version. I am making a Halloween theme for my clients and I got stuck, where do i change the Backgrond color in New products for october on the index page ? See the images..
  4. Thanks for the tip, I will try that one.
  5. It is for a client of mine, but I will consider it if there is no free ones.
  6. I mean, I need to print out more than one invoice at time.
  7. Yeah.. you are right, it is like that when you have configured the stock configs.. thanks..
  8. It is for one of my clients and he doesn't want people to contact him of when the product will be back or so. They call him and emails him with the questions.
  9. I use CE bootstrap version. Is there a way to hide products with 0 quantity ?
  10. I use CE bootstrap version. Is there any mod so you can Export more than one order at once ?
  11. @Heatherbell It worked just how i wanted, thanks for that!
  12. I use 2.3.4 CE bootstrap version Is there a quantity discount mod that can do this 1 - 4 Songs = 69 SEK 5 - 9 songs = 59 SEK 10 - 49 songs = 49 SEK What does the whole evening's repertoire cost? 50 songs = 39 SEK Super Discount! 100 songs = 29 SEK
  13. Kurre

    Payer Card payments

    Thank you @bonbec