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  1. Kurre

    Search in product description

    Yes that worked! Thank you!
  2. I use CE BS version How can i make the menu box quick search search in product description too ?
  3. It should be the latest CE bootstrap verison but I can´t find those mentioned..
  4. Thank you! That helped me out.
  5. Thank you, this helped me too!
  6. Hi I have a client with an older oscommerce version 2.2 with the Credit Class and Gift Voucher 5.14 but in that module you could only choose start and end date to year 2018. Do anyone know how to change that so it will work for 2019 and forward ? Yes I will try to talk here in to update it to the newest version but need to fix this now.
  7. That was what they said, I don't know if their config of apache is different to the other hosts that made it not working and therefore needed the change in .htaccess.
  8. My host told me that the file admin/includes/.htaccess was outdated and not working under Apache 2.4, so they changed it from <Files *.php> Order Deny,Allow Deny from all </Files> to <Files *.php> Require all denied </Files> So now it is working.
  9. Thank you for the reply. It looks like everything is ok, maybe the host is blockning the css and javascript for some reason from admin side, the shop side works like it should.
  10. Do anyone knw why admin look so strange, look at the pictures, this is a new shop version bootstrap I have installed on another host than usually...