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  1. Adam_Maynard

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    My feed shows all items expiring due to mismatched domain link, any input on how to fix this?
  2. Hello, We recently updated our site, and now my google feed says all products are expiring due to a mismatched domain link. When I checked the feed, it appears all the links start with https:/// I do not know what to do to fix this, I would appreciate some help if anyone knows what to do. Thank you.
  3. Adam_Maynard

    Help Testing site

    Thank you all very much for your suggestions and help! It is very appreciated. I will be working on all these things. Or rather for some of it, Asking for help to fix it.
  4. Adam_Maynard

    Help Testing site

    Hello, this is Adam with Bibbtool. Jack_mcs has been helping us make a new site for a few months now, and it went live today. I need help testing the site, and would love some recommendations for things that need to be changed. The site is: https://www.bibbtool.com/ I could really use some feedback. Thanks!
  5. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    Thank You! I will try.
  6. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    I turned off, still did not fix it sadly.
  7. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    Turn off Session ID under Sessions? It is already disabled on the site.
  8. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    I do not know about the double slash And yes, if it says okCsid it will not log you in. This is the link the site puts there. If I manually take out everything in the link after login.php, I am able to log into site just fine.
  9. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    Hello, I tried that and still have the issue. As far as the other questions, It was working before. This site is old. The only changes I have made was getting the site fully HTTPS secure. One of you showed me it was an issue with cookies, When I go to login to site I get this link: https://www.bibbtool.com//login.php?osCsid=cuf79e3jsjvhqntb3d2e8etcd0 That link does not work But if I enter this: https://www.bibbtool.com//login.php I am able to login properly. Again, I thank you very much for your help.
  10. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    Oooops! That was a bad mistake. Here it is without the Database configure.php
  11. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    Ok, here is our configure.php Thank You! configure.php
  12. Adam_Maynard

    Please help me with login problem

    Hello, On our site: bibbtool.com Many customers cannot log in to site, even brand new ones. I think it may be a cookies issue in Configure.php but I do not know right off how to fix it. If someone could help me, I would be very appreciative.
  13. Adam_Maynard

    Please help, Login button not working!

    Thank you! You helped me last time I needed. So I need to go to accounts.php and also login.php and check settings?
  14. Hello, I have recently got out site https secure with some help from yall. After this, I began having many troubles with logging in to the site. I have been getting a few calls every day from customers saying they cannot log in to their account. I am not sure what is causing this, I would greatly appreciate some help with this. Thanks!
  15. Adam_Maynard

    No Logins?

    Hello, our site (Bibbtool.com) is having trouble logging customers in. It will just put them back on the home page without logging them in. I have found y'all to be a great help in showing me what to do, any help regarding this would be great. Thanks!