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  1. Hello, We run a site that sells new machinery and tools for woodworking and metalworking. I have had a decline in sales in recent times, and I am unsure if this is due to problems with my site. I would love some feedback and suggestions on how to optimize. Our site is https://www.bibbtool.com/ I am new to the back end of optimizing the site and don't know too much, so I appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. Adam_Maynard

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    My feed shows all items expiring due to mismatched domain link, any input on how to fix this?
  3. Adam_Maynard

    Help Testing site

    Thank you all very much for your suggestions and help! It is very appreciated. I will be working on all these things. Or rather for some of it, Asking for help to fix it.
  4. Adam_Maynard

    Help Testing site

    Hello, this is Adam with Bibbtool. Jack_mcs has been helping us make a new site for a few months now, and it went live today. I need help testing the site, and would love some recommendations for things that need to be changed. The site is: https://www.bibbtool.com/ I could really use some feedback. Thanks!