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  1. phpgold

    Showing the order total?

    Can you check by hardcoding any value for amount in the statement if it is displaying properly:
  2. phpgold

    Showing the order total?

    Use it as in language file: Look for MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION in payment module file and replace with :
  3. phpgold

    Authorizenet- newbie to osc in need of help

    Are you talking about "Receipt Method" ?...Select "Post" method. Leave "Receipt Link Text" as empty.
  4. phpgold

    Authorizenet- newbie to osc in need of help

    B) Glad to know that!
  5. phpgold

    Authorizenet- newbie to osc in need of help

    Default receipt url: https://yourdomain.com/catalogdirectory/che...onfirmation.php Default Relay Response URL: https://yourdomain.com/catalogdirectory/checkout_process.php Silent Post URL: do not need to fill in. Create a new order status through Admin -> Localization -> Order Status Now while enabling the authorize.net payment module through admin select the order status of orders made with this payment module.
  6. phpgold

    easy populate issue

    Edit the following line in admin/easypopulate.php to set size of model field:
  7. phpgold

    Payment in accordance with shipping

    Go through following contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2110
  8. Right, Mibble! Backup of database before using EP is neccessary as a slight mistake in file may harm the entire database. I have also added the code in my easypopulate to delete the products from database, will be contributing the code shortly. However the code deletes all the products with same product id in the database, means if you have same product in different categories, it will deletes all the entries for that product from the database. It will also delete product image from the image directory, but won't delete it if the same image is attached with another product.
  9. Image file names are case sensitive, so they must match in your easypopulate file and on server. (*.JPG and *.jpg are different) I have changed the following instance of $v_products_model in my file:
  10. Can you show some example of image name in original easypopulate file downloaded from and the one edited by you? Where are you uploading the products image file in your shop (directory name)? It is not necessary that image names must be after products_model names while using easypopulate. What product model numbers are you using? (example of products that gets doubled in your shop)? It happens if the product model number of already existing product in shop is 2, when you upload easypopulate file, a new product is added with model number as 20. You can try replacing $v_products_model in admin/easypopulate.php with trim($v_products_model).
  11. phpgold

    Authorize.net Not Connecting?

    Go into your authnet control panel and click "Unsettled Transaction". It will show all the transactions and their details processed by authent (Declined transactions as well). You can check whether the cards processed by you are entered into authnet or not? If yes, the what are errors and if not, there must be some interaction (scripting/configuration) problem at your site.