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  1. tttim6575

    Installation Issue

    im trying to just figure out how to install this into godaddy installatron there not an option to upload.
  2. tttim6575

    where can i go to learn

    and i tried to install another version i couldnt ever get the database connected and switched over
  3. tttim6575

    where can i go to learn

    so you see my delima https://www.illusionshop.co/
  4. tttim6575

    where can i go to learn

    YEAH BUT ITS NOT BOOT strap friendly and we all kknow if your site isnt mobile friendly it sucks.
  5. tttim6575

    where can i go to learn

    and why hasnt godaddy updated there version of oscommerce ?
  6. tttim6575

    where can i go to learn

    where can i go to learn how to update my live site www.illusionsshop.co to a bootstrap version i dont have the cash to to have someone fix it thats why i would like to know or be pointed in the direction where i can find the correct info so i dont go messing stuff up.
  7. tttim6575

    BOOTSTRAP CSV_import

    Can someone point in the right direction for csv import that works with Bootstrap 2.3 i think its 2.3
  8. tttim6575

    bootstrap new install

    op what is op?
  9. tttim6575

    bootstrap new install

    php 5.4 i believe
  10. tttim6575

    bootstrap new install

    IM INSTALLING THIS ON GODADDY server i believe the version is bootstrap responsive master
  11. tttim6575

    bootstrap new install

    shit never works
  12. tttim6575

    bootstrap new install

  13. tttim6575

    bootstrap new install

    cant log into to the admin back end
  14. tttim6575

    Bootstrap Responsive

    oh forgot to say also have 15 gigs of images and video that comes with the old site.