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  1. tttim6575

    Installation Issue

    im trying to just figure out how to install this into godaddy installatron there not an option to upload.
  2. tttim6575

    BOOTSTRAP CSV_import

    Can someone point in the right direction for csv import that works with Bootstrap 2.3 i think its 2.3
  3. if only i knew what all this meant "CE FROZEN and pre FROZEN EDGE version based on BS3."
  4. so does this work with ? or is there anything like this out there that will work?
  5. thanks for all your helpif i have any more questions i let you know once again thanks.
  6. so i only need to change one more file is what ur telling me?
  7. will customers see the errors as well?
  8. heres the site if you want to take a look at what i have https://illusionshop.co
  9. i dont know what i did i just know i have to fix this whike its a live site and customers are on it so i cant break the damn thing. Im going to just shoot my self.
  10. heres the new error [05-Mar-2019 08:34:43 UTC] PHP Warning: error_log(/var/log/www/tep/page_parse_time.log): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/oo62hzb5zxce/public_html/mystore/mv9lflzupmwtgeoq/includes/classes/logger.php on line 49 [05-Mar-2019 08:34:43 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function buildBlocks() on a non-object in /home/oo62hzb5zxce/public_html/mystore/mv9lflzupmwtgeoq/includes/template_top.php on line 28
  11. no more server500 errornowit just takes me to a blank page where login.php should be but there just blank page
  12. old plans i just opened an account last dec so thats doesnt make since
  13. if i had extra funds i would have you look at it.