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  1. sue3005

    Help with Worldpay

    Thank you sooooo much mhsuffolk. I found the file easily once you directed me and then edited it. Worldpay now works again. Thank you once again Sue
  2. sue3005

    Help with Worldpay

    Could anyone please help with the following. I have been using Worldpay for a number of years and just recently realised that I wasn't having any orders paying by worldpay and when I looked into it, the page that should allow buyers to put in their card details doesn't exist. I called Worldpay and they told me that the particular page is old and it should have been updated to the address that they gave me but i have no idea how to change this. I have looked in oscommerce in my admin but I can't see anything there that is changeable. I know how to edit filed on the server but dont know which file to look in if it has to be changed there. Any help much appreciated Thank you Sue