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  1. Hi Jack, hi Peter, I just did a new test site with a vanilla version of Phoenix and your latest version of Ultimate SEO URLs with no other addons for the moment and it works. I can only assume that my original problem must have had some relation to another add-on as this test site is on the same server as the last and in a subfolder as was the last. A mystery for me but it is working just great.
  2. Found it, but the change does nothing, unfortunately...
  3. Excuse me, Jack, where is that?
  4. Hi Jack, Sorry to take so long. I created a phpinfo file to se the output_buffering (can not see all server details through the admin panel) and as it was 0 I added it to my php.ini file with the default 4096 as you stated but still no change. Ultimate SEO URL worked before on the server apparently with the buffering at 0 so that should not have been the problem but thanks anyway.
  5. Thank you for all your help, Jack.
  6. Excuse me, php 7.4.25
  7. On 7.4.13, have not yet taken the plunge to 8.
  8. Changed the hook file to replace the public function to listen_injectRedirects() { Now in the navigation bar I see the url changed but get a 404 error page.
  9. Changing that breaks the site, clicking a product everything under the navbar goes blank and stll throws the same error as before. No cache issue as I uninstalled and reinstalled.
  10. If we look at /includes/components/template_top.php:26 line 26 is: <!DOCTYPE html> <html<?php echo HTML_PARAMS; ?>> If we look at /includes/classes/seo.class.php, linse 2907-2910 are case ($this->attributes['USE_SEO_REDIRECT'] == 'true'): header($_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL'] . " 301 Moved Permanently"); $url = str_replace('&amp;', '&', $url); header("Location: $url"); // redirect...bye bye break;
  11. Hi Jack, Hi John, Jack, thank you but this is a vanilla install of with only Ultimate SEO installed so there is nothing else that has been modified. Do not understand how it works on yours and not mine! John, I am not sure in which file you think I should change the public function.
  12. Found it and injectSiteStart is on line 36 of that file so why the problem? I am so perplexed.
  13. Jack, there is no more template_top.php in, it is template.php.
  14. Hi Jack, Made the change and still no change. Still getting the error PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /XXX/XX/XX/XX/templates/default/includes/components/template_top.php:26) in /XX/XX/XX/X/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 2908 and line 2910