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  1. artfulweb

    FAQ's BS

    Hello Jack, using php 7.2 I get the following errors : Warning: Use of undefined constant faq_lang - assumed 'faq_lang' in includes/functions/faq.php line 52 Warning: Use of undefined constant v_order - assumed 'v_order' in admin/faq_form. php line 43 Warning: Use of undefined constant visible - assumed 'visible' in admin/faq_form. php on line 54 ...any ideas? Thank you in advance, Barbie
  2. artfulweb

    Product Quantity Box

    Thanks Jack, was just thinking as many products do not have options. It could behave so that if there are options it goes to the product page where there would be a qty button and for those without options just directly add the qty on the product listing page (or all-products page) and add to cart. Just an idea...
  3. artfulweb

    Product Quantity Box

    Perfect ! Thank you ever so much, Jack. Thought I was going crazy. Could this also be adapted to the product listing pages ?
  4. artfulweb

    Product Quantity Box

    Hello Jack, this is working great on the website... on a PC. On my android, however neither the qty box nor the buy button work although they show correctly. If I take it off and just use the stock buy now button that works on android. I am on Frozen BS3, the website for testing is https://www.artful-webdesign.com/osc234/ Thanks for your help