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  1. fastest way is to generate a CVS via your desktop and load that into your shop.
  2. Despite that it looks good, it is not written good enough. You still use nested tables what is a no-go. You embed forms inside a table what is also a no-go. But i respect the work done. You should take a look at Henry's BS4 admin: https://github.com/osc2nuke/oscommerce-
  3. osComMarket

    Custom Product Builder of OSc BS

    i think the moment when it was released "Custom Product Builder", i was one of the first who tried it. 15+ years later...............Not even looked into the code or remember anything. The contribution NOT will go follow your expectations. The dev started with a guy who wanted to sell "desktop computers". Back in that time, it was much easier to tell what was possible and what was not ( in relation to a desktop pc) The add-on never evolved to be used with "any" kind of product. Yet............ it is (still) a very interesting concept. The economy just made it cheaper to buy pre-fabricated items in the meantime. You will go work on an unfinished add-on. Lots of changes required.
  4. osComMarket

    Jssor Slider

    Start use: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/ All the rest becomes not-necessary, and is easy to code upon-on.
  5. osComMarket

    HoneyPot Captcha

    No honey pot need, use google. They covered the issue.
  6. osComMarket

    PHP 7

    PP should give warnings around php 7+. No release covered that.
  7. and other oscommerce members <<right that Here we go!
  8. The latest is : https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/archive/2341-Frozen.zip Keep in mind THAT only supports the front-END Encouraged is to use the also bootstapped (v4) ADMIN what can be found here: https://github.com/osc2nuke/Responsive-osCommerce You need to be aware that both repositories are NOT compatible together at the moment. But we are working on that! Greetings from wHiTeHaT who encourage to go: https://github.com/osc2nuke/BreadBuilder Where the idea came from: (Requires still lots of work .)