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  1. smoothjazzpromotion

    Lost Admin Password

    Hi JcMagpie, I tried the password reset instructions but, I still cannot login to the admin area. Please advise. Thank you, Jeff
  2. smoothjazzpromotion

    HTTPS/SSL Site

    Oh sorry about that. New to the forum I did not notice the like button...silly me. Thanks again, Jeff
  3. smoothjazzpromotion

    HTTPS/SSL Site

    Hi Artcolnc, Thanks so much for your help, we appreciate you! We changed the file settings via our cPanel since changes did not work via FTP. In doing so the changes worked and the site is now displaying perfectly with HTTPS/SSL lock and aligned css. Have a great day and kind regards Jeff & Staff
  4. smoothjazzpromotion

    HTTPS/SSL Site

    Hi Artcolnc, Thanks so much for your help see attached config files. The strange thing is I downloaded and edited the files according to instruction locally then reuploaded them to the server but they are still the same as before I tried to edit them? Jeff configure.php configure.php
  5. smoothjazzpromotion

    HTTPS/SSL Site

    Hi Jack, Thanks so much for the help. I made the changes but now the ccs is broken see here https://www.smoothjazzpromotion.com (we are using the default osCommerce until we get everything working right). Jeff
  6. smoothjazzpromotion

    HTTPS/SSL Site

    Hello where do I update all links and images from http -> https?