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  1. Rollo44

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Thank you very much, I will try it out.
  2. Rollo44

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I am using Phoenix and I am having trouble with Stripe. I have downloaded the latest version for Phoenix When I send a test Webhook in the Test Modus in the Stripe Dashboard, it returns with a 500 Error. Any ideas what causes the problem? When I try it on the live store, I get the money but it does not update the status. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Rollo44

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks, that works, the buttom is back. Unfortunatly something else doesn't work. After pressing the update bottom its says that tags have been filled. But when you go to the category or product page the SEO fields are empty. But maybe its just my store.
  4. Rollo44

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, everthing worked great in phoenix but in phoenix the update buttom on the bottom in the Fill Tags Menu is gone.