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  1. stymied1

    must register to see products

    Is that a 'NO' then? :-"
  2. stymied1

    Paypals new credit card acceptance

    Even if the "return to merchant" button is clicked, PayPal seems to only transfer the order info back to osC if the customer used their PayPal account. If the customer chooses to just enter their CC info without setting up/using a PayPal account, then the order does not get recorded in osC even though the payment is processed by PayPal. The customer is merely dumped back into osC where they are considered a new visitor and must even log in again. This does not happen if the customer uses their PayPal account or sets up an account during the transaction. If they setup an account, when they return to osC via PayPal their login info is retained and all their order is recorded. Is no on else having this issue?
  3. stymied1

    Paypals new credit card acceptance

    Good thinking. :thumbsup:
  4. Does anyone know of a contrib that forces the potential customer to register before they can view the products in the catalog?
  5. stymied1

    Paypals new credit card acceptance

    I have shut PayPal off on my store until I can get this cleared up. It seems if the customer uses a PayPal account (or creates one) the process works fine but if they just give their credit card with no signup PayPal process the card and sends an email but the customer is dumped back into osC as not logged in with all order info lost. :( I too am in search of a cure for this illness.
  6. stymied1

    PayPal has problems this week

    I received two notices from PayPal yesterday that they had collected money but when I went into OS commerce there was a record for the customer but not records of any orders from them. So this is an issue with PayPal? Everything seemed to be working pretty good up to then. I've disabled PayPal on my site until this is cleared up. :blink: