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  1. Pritchard78

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Looking good. Can't wait to see more.
  2. Pritchard78

    HoneyPot Captcha

    Hi Jack, Just attempting a new install of v1.6 on a CE store. Forgive me if i'm having a blond moment. I notice some discrepancies between instructions 3 & 4 in the ReadMe.txt and the files in "v234\ChangedFiles". There are additional bits of code in the files not in the ReadMe.txt. One example is in the contact_us.php file, on line 24 to 34: /*** BEGIN HONEYPOT ***/ if (MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_HONEYPOT_ALLOW_EMAIL == 'False' || MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_HONEYPOT_ALLOW_URLS == 'False') { include('includes/functions/honeypot.php'); if (($reslt = InvalidText($enquiry)) != 'good') { if ($reslt != 'failed') { $messageStack->add('contact', $reslt); } $error = true; } } /*** END HONEYPOT ***/ This part of code is not mentioned in the ReadMe.txt. Please can you confirm, am i ok to go with the instructions in the ReadMe.txt and ignore the changed files?
  3. Hi Jack, I read on the forum you use Paypal Pro. Just implemented it on our site through the Paypal App 5.18 and was surprised to see the card input fields on the checkout confirmation page instead of the checkout payment page. Is that how it appears on your site? Can't see a setting to change where it appears. Is it possible to move the input fields to the Checkout Payment page? 

    1. Jack_mcs


      That is how it is meant to work. All of the payment modules that have output will work that way. The only ones that don't are ones that leave the shop, like paypal Standard. I'm sure it is possible to move it to the payment page but I don't suggest doing that. It would alter the core code and may break with a future update or addon installation.


      You may want to contact our Paypal rep (details below). If you are in his territory he may be able to waive the $30/month Paypal Pro charge. Just let him know I, Jack York, referred you so he knows to do that.

      Rene Gudino
      Account Executive, North America

      Email: "Gudino, Rene" <regudino@paypal.com>
      Phone: 480.496.3136

    2. Pritchard78


      Thanks for getting back to me. I'm in the UK so not his territory but it's ok i will just leave things as they if that's how it is as standard.

    3. Dnj1964


      I just emailed him, see what reply I get if any.