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  1. Daniel204


    It is a great answer. sure will help on problem.
  2. Daniel204

    Ship In Cart Documentation

    Hi @Jack You are right...
  3. Yes, you can definitely open two different stores, one under www.mystore.com (for example), and the other at its subdomain, wholesale store (for example). Also, to make sure that this is clear, you'll want to operate these separately on two different accounts.
  4. Daniel204

    OSCommerce as an ERP/Website

    I am also using Odoo Its great and free. It's very flexible to use.
  5. Daniel204

    Problem add some products into basket

    Its good the problem is solved or not??
  6. Daniel204

    PHP 7

    what about the PHP 7?
  7. Daniel204

    Error on fresh install

    Hi @raiwa Thanks for sharing your helpful answer to us. It was great.
  8. Daniel204

    E-commerce website

    Yes, you can sell whatever on oscommerce
  9. Daniel204

    SEO URLs in OS

    Thanks for your answer. I have also created this type of problem and I got the solution over the oscommerce.
  10. In PHP mailer function there is the host and user mail id, port with encryption need to define it properly.