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  1. Greetings. I have been away for a while. Running older customized osc v2.2 RC2a. I received a nastygram from USPS saying I was using an older version of the Domestic Rate Calculator. Yup. Probably. They say I have to fix it before March 31, 2012. Something about supporting requirements for inputting package dimensions ... Fine. After a few quick searches, I still do not know the best course to take. Is there an updated USPS Shipping Module (USPS Methods?) to use? Or do I need to upgrade to v3.x at some point? I vaguely remember the headache from the last upgrade to v2.x. Yes, I am that old. Please, kind souls. Can someone spare me some grief and point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  2. blueflametuna

    Need UPS shipping module - which is recommended?

    Me three - Need UPS shipping module for v2.2 RC2a
  3. blueflametuna

    FedEx shipping module no longer works

    Resolved. Tried saving the admin info for the module, removed it, then installed it again. Everything works now.
  4. After upgrading to v2.2 RC2a, the FedEx shipping module no longer displays. After spending many hours of debugging, I found that the FedEx gatewayDC server is returning quote data OK, but the osC software was not processing the data. All I got was USPS. Within the includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php code (version 2.07 says it supports MS2)... I commented out the lines: // if ((MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_MAX_WEIGHT != 'NONE' && MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_MAX_WEIGHT != '' && $this->cart_weight > MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_MAX_WEIGHT) || (MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_MAX_QUANTITY_OF_SHIP_BOXES != 'NONE' && MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_MAX_QUANTITY_OF_SHIP_BOXES != '' && $this->cart_shipping_num_boxes > MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_MAX_QUANTITY_OF_SHIP_BOXES)) // return false; and now it produces FedEx quotes in the checkout screen. I suspect that I am missing some database entries for the FedEx module in admin? Some missing defaults? Any ideas?
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    Need shipping modules for FEDEX and UPS

    I added some debug statements to the 2.2 FedEx shipping module to see what was being sent, and to see what was being returned. The cURL command as formed within osCommerce was this: /usr/bin/curl -s -e 'Agape Ranch Bath Salts & More ' --url https://gateway.fedex.com/GatewayDC -H 'Host: gateway.fedex.com/GatewayDC' -H 'Accept: image/gif,image/jpeg,image/pjpeg,text/plain,text/html,*/*' -H 'Pragma:' -H 'Content-Type:image/gif' -d '0,"25"10,"2xx64xxxx"498,"4546165"8,"ID"9,"83858"117,"US"17,"44133"16,"OH"50,"US"75,"LBS"1116,"I"1401,"15.0"1529,"1"1415,"18.00"68,"USD"440,"N"1273,"01"1333,"4"99,""' 'https://gateway.fedex.com/GatewayDC' (Account # modified, of course). The return supplied to the module is blank. I asked my hosting company (bluehost.com) if they would run tcpdump on my interface. It took some convincing, but they actually logged into my store, created an account, added some items to the shopping cart, and proceeded to checkout. Here is the actual tcpdump. . . tcpdump -r tcpdump.fedex -X 05:19:54.355613 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: S 3882819992:3882819992(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 298634920 0,nop,wscale 7> 05:19:54.417002 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: S 442973269:442973269(0) ack 3882819993 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540350 298634920,mss 1460,nop,wscale 0,nop,nop,sackOK> 05:19:54.417044 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: . ack 1 win 46 <nop,nop,timestamp 298634981 2913540350> 05:19:54.427560 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: P 1:117(116) ack 1 win 46 <nop,nop,timestamp 298634992 2913540350> 05:19:54.488616 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: . ack 117 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540358 298634992> 05:19:54.489614 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: . 1:1449(1448) ack 117 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540358 298634992> 05:19:54.489629 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: . ack 1449 win 69 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635054 2913540358> 05:19:54.489634 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: . 1449:2897(1448) ack 117 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540358 298634992> 05:19:54.489643 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: . ack 2897 win 91 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635054 2913540358> 05:19:54.489645 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: P 2897:3746(849) ack 117 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540358 298634992> 05:19:54.489655 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: . ack 3746 win 114 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635054 2913540358> 05:19:54.491602 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: P 117:299(182) ack 3746 win 114 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635056 2913540358> 05:19:54.552478 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: . ack 299 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540364 298635056> 05:19:54.556122 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: P 3746:3789(43) ack 299 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540364 298635056> 05:19:54.556429 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: P 299:807(508) ack 3789 win 114 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635121 2913540364> 05:19:54.618225 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: P 3789:3972(183) ack 807 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540371 298635121> 05:19:54.618374 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: P 3972:4140(168) ack 807 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540371 298635121> 05:19:54.618406 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: . ack 4140 win 159 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635183 2913540371> 05:19:54.618476 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: P 4140:4163(23) ack 807 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540371 298635121> 05:19:54.618485 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: P 807:830(23) ack 4140 win 159 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635183 2913540371> 05:19:54.618574 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: F 4163:4163(0) ack 807 win 36200 <nop,nop,timestamp 2913540371 298635121> 05:19:54.619608 IP box277.bluehost.com.45567 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: R 830:830(0) ack 4164 win 159 <nop,nop,timestamp 298635184 2913540371> 05:19:54.620028 IP box277.bluehost.com.45568 > vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https: S 3877164056:3877164056(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 298635184 0,nop,wscale 7> 05:19:54.679432 IP vip8-gateway.dmz.fedex.com.https > box277.bluehost.com.45567: R 442977433:442977433(0) win 36200 Interesting. It looks like a complete TCP/SSL handshake, although, without being able to see the de-encrypted data, it is not known whether we get past the SSL handshake and actually pass application data or not. This could be just the Server and Client Hello, and trying to negotiate Server/Client certificate and cipher specs and then resetting the connection. Originally, the just issued the cURL command from the CLI, and they did see actual rates being returned. So, I am left with trying to de-encrypt the tcpdump using something like ssldump to see if anything was really returned or not. There could be a disconnect between the cURL command and the secure server. For all I know, it could just be a timeout value. (Currently set to default, whatever that is.) Anyone? Need more to go one here. And bluehost thinks I have already worn out my free support call for the duration. Thanks. . .
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    Need shipping modules for FEDEX and UPS

    I'll stick with 2.2 for now. Spoke with Web Services Support at FedEx. They said the gateway server is still in production, and that they were seeing my requests. But I was not receiving anything back, not even an error message. Seems that if the request is not properly formed, then it is dropped. They hinted that the Ship date is now a required field. (I assume in the format:) 24,"YYMMDD" (With 24 as the field tag.) I have not tried this. Shouldn't be too hard to add. But is there no one running v2.2 RC2a with FedEx shipping module? I don't have a copy of my previous version to know if there are any differences. It used to work great for us for several years (since 2004). Then we got hacked. But that's another thread . . .
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    Need shipping modules for FEDEX and UPS

    OK, I did a bit more searching and found: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1462 Appears to have been written for MS2 and earlier. Does it work on v2.2 RC2a? Hmmmm.... To make a short story long, I installed it, but now I am having problems getting anything back from the FedEx gateway. I suspect that the curl method is no longer supported? Does anyone know? According to FedEx Developers Resource site, they have gone to WSDL/XML. Do I now need to upgrade to 3.0 in order to restore FedEx shipping to my store? Anyone?
  8. I used to have FEDEX and UPS shipping modules. After upgrading to v2.2 RC2a, those modules are no longer there. Where can I get new modules? I scanned through the Installation guides and did not find any hints. Would some kind soul please show me the FAQs?