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  1. djrino

    Add image subdirectories

    Tnx for reply Ok but i need this and if you can help me i apreciate so much.. Many tnx
  2. djrino

    Add image subdirectories

    hi good contribution but where i delete a product the directory on the images not delete its remain there is any modification to delete a directory when on my admin i delete a product category?
  3. djrino

    HTMLArea v3.0

    Hi i have readed all 6 page of post and nothing work.. Now i spend one day to make this work... Whi the creator dont make a flise changes in the contributio, whi dont put the categories.php an other file modded???? Becouse not all are programmers And because it does not explain better like step 1 open categories.php and bla bla blab.. I repeat not all are programmers if to be able to help I am thankful
  4. that the author could answer in order to help all we.. and to second improve sts the requirements of the forum
  5. Whi the autor of STS not replydirect and help many users?? daiamond your job is too much apreciate..
  6. Hi Now the last version of STS work with the phpbb forum implementation? Many tnx
  7. Hi. I have succesfully installed a PHPBB 2.0.12 implementation but it don work with my sts ???? here is the error Please any alp to resolve this.. Many tnx
  8. for MaxiDVD or who it knows to make the modification. I need 12 imagesas I make in order to modify all? How i make a modification to the contribution to add more 6 images? Many tnx
  9. djrino

    Coppermine Contribution

    Hi i have installed coppermine but not have succes... I receive this error : The same error for catalog/admin.php, catalog gallery.php, and catalog login.php.. I not use gd library.. If anyone post the link for download the gd library i apreciate this.. Please any help for installation.. Tnx