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  1. djrino

    CSS Menu

    Hi exellent menu any way to Show Sub-categories? Many tnx
  2. Aqui vai http://www.aminhaloja.com.br/loja/modulos-...2902cab7cbd6135 todos os recursos estão escritos na página
  3. djrino

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Tnx for reply on my admin sts option if i edit the product info mod and set to false the product info work but is the default.. i want to create my custom product info page.. you say to set all to default i think that i have it on default.. i have other option to test? many tnx
  4. djrino

    [Contribution] STS v4

    i have a error on my product info page Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xampp\htdocs\brunomedia\includes\modules\sts\sts_product_info.php on line 137 if anyone can help i apreciate.. i use the last version and on my admin the product info mod is enabled.. many tnx
  5. djrino

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    on my site i have the tinymce i dont want to use fck if anyone help me on how to integrate my tinymce i apreciate so much many tnx
  6. Too much problem with this contrib why the creator dont give a reply???
  7. Hi the same here on all page like manufacturer search page If anyone have the solution please help
  8. Hi i have a problem only on the products_new.php page the site point to http://www.estanciaimoveis.com.br/os/products_new.php/page/2 the corect is http://www.estanciaimoveis.com.br/os/products_new.php?page=2 can anyone have a solution? many tnx
  9. djrino

    HTMLArea v3.0

    Hi is possible to activate the image plugin to image product description (in order to insert delete and view images) in categories.php (admin) any help is apreciate Many TNX
  10. Hi Patty many tnx for the tip with the "relative_urls",false all wok..but i still have a problem the problem is on the product image all work, i clik on the image browser i pik up the image but when i clin on osc preview i always see the original image and no file are uploaded.. i have this code Please any help to make this working.. and for the creator of this Many tnx but if you can explain all on very simple mode and make this works all apreciate Tnx
  11. Hi i have viewed the problem here mi store is into a folder loja when i use the ibrowser i get the image from the images folder into my loja/images..now i pick up the image i see the image but when i clik on preview the image is not visualized... i have see thet the image on previes page go to my admin... exampler before the preview she is on http://mysiteneme.com/loja/images with the ibrowser i pick up from this folder when i click on preview the image is not visualized before she cal from http://mysiteneme.com/loja/admin/images and if i put the same image on the http://mysiteneme.com/loja/admin/images..the image work plaease any help to fix this many tnx
  12. Hi when i click on the ibrowser and chose a image, i put it on my text after i add the product the image is not visualized.. anyone have this workink? many tnx Rino
  13. Hi simon i have problem to make this work on the product image..the install instructions are many confused and the code not work i have see your categories.php code but it is incomplete.. please can you send it to email? djrino@i12.com If you can i apreciate so much many tnx Rino
  14. djrino

    Customers extra fields

    Hi this contrib is fantastic but on it i need other features.. there is a example i create 2 new fields like djrino and djrino1 on the create_account.php i see the 2 new fields and if i set to required i see a * ont eh 2 fields now on the field djrino i need to put a description like (do you put this on this field) but if i make this on one field the change are made to all the other.. there is any way to make this possible? Many tnx
  15. hi rbted many tnx for reply.. it dont work i heve my tinymce on the same your dir bot i not intend becouse it not work.. i'm not a programer but look in your code do you not have an error it and on the other line???? becouse if i put this code the editor work but not with the image plugin... help with this please. many tnx for your reply..