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  1. mwdesigns


    Please can someone assist me. I have installed oscaffiliate, but the page does not align correctly. My store is located at http://iland.co.za To see what the affiliate script is doing to the pages, goto http://iland.co.za/affiliate_signup.php Until I get this sorted, I am not going to add the links via the colum_left.php Any suggestions people? This is getting to me big time now!
  2. mwdesigns

    Sos! Need Help Desperate Will Pay!

    The pic isn't too clear to see what the page is doing, can you pm me the URL so I can take a closer look.
  3. mwdesigns

    Account Agreement Checkbox

    We are using this in conjunction with STS Template V4 and are having problems with the conditions using the popup. I am getting a javascript error in the browser taskbar. Any ideas?
  4. mwdesigns

    Manual Order Entry Contrib

    I have the same error.
  5. mwdesigns

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Excellent contribution. I am however stuck ! I have searched the forums and come across the problem, but no solution posted yet. I have a clean install and have installed sts, but the click to enlarge gives an error and does not open up. any ideas ?
  6. I have a similarly large store, but have a massive problem with my images. My images are stored on a separate server to my 4 stores, and I need to be able to point my image field to a URL based image. Can this be done ? I am having to upload and point images after uploading all my products via EP. What I want to be able to do is have the field "v_product_image" and allow me to have "http://www.someserver/images/somepicture" If possible can anyone point me in the right direction ?
  7. mwdesigns

    Contribution Desparately Needed

    I have tried to use the "Product-Image per URL" contribution, but it doesn't work !!
  8. Is there a contribution that will allow the upload/display of product images via a url. eg. product image: http://www.someserver/images/somepic ? Instead of using the default admin panel to insert pics and products, I use Easy Populate V2.74_MS2_1 and have 4 stores with over 3000+ products each. The problem I have is all my images are shared between 4 stores and are located on a separate server etc.
  9. mwdesigns

    EP and URL based Pics

    Hi I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to use exact URL pics using EP? I have all my pics located on a different server to my shop, and have to write html descriptions of my items and point to the location of my pics server. Which means that I have no images in the gallery sections etc. Is it possible or could it be done to have EP or indeed OSC redirect the pic URL to where I store my pics. There is currently no image option where I could say http://www.mypictures.com/itempicture.jpg I know there is an item url link, but it's only the image on the other server and not the full item description. Please someone tell me it exists.
  10. mwdesigns

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi Stot, I am having trouble with the click to enlarge on STS and don't know what to look for - i get a java script error on the page and no popup window. Any ideas ? http://www.bhitradeframes.com/osc is the site cheers martin
  11. mwdesigns

    database error

    FOR ANYONE ELSE SUFFERING THE SAME MISGUIDED STUPIDITY I JUST HAVE !!! The answer to the above question lay in the simple missed code in the following file: /admin/includes/database_tables.php // FAQ SYSTEM 2.1 define('TABLE_FAQ', 'faq'); // FAQ SYSTEM 2.1 Regards Martin
  12. mwdesigns

    database error

    In the mod FAQ SYSTEM 2.1 I had the mod working before, but had to restore my database. I am no getting the following error. 1146 - Table 'tool_osc1.TABLE_FAQ' doesn't exist SELECT *, DATE_FORMAT(date, '%d.%m.%y') AS d FROM TABLE_FAQ ORDER BY v_order [TEP STOP] I have re-run the sql file via myphpadmin. Any ideas ? Thanks Martin
  13. mwdesigns

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I uncommented as suggested in the doc files of easy populate. Re-uploaded the file. When I download the csv file from my site using EP, it still doesn't show in the file the 2 added columns. I have changed a few of the products, so I know that it should show a few changes in the new columns. Maybe I'm just overlooking something.
  14. mwdesigns

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I'll have a peek now - thanks
  15. mwdesigns

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I have just installed this mod, and it's fab ! Does anyone have any idea if it works with Easy Populate ? I need to change 2206 products to the different group discounts and don't feel like doing it manually for obvious reasons. If anyone can just point me in the direction it would help. What I need to know is: what do i call the price fields when creating the csv file? Is it something like v_products_price_wholesale ? Just the structure would help. Regards Martin