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  1. Mtareq

    New install messing about.

    This is the ongoing result. iPhone X added. Just for the idea if somebody have any theme similar to this style, please let me know. it's 14 past in the morning now and hopefully some of yous with day light have ideas to share. Cheerios.
  2. Mtareq

    New install messing about.

    Thanks for your reply @ArtcoInc you're right about me having issues with third party theme. Theme was written/developed many years ago I suppose. The issues I ran into with oscommerce apart from banging my head against the wrong version is that many themes/templates are limited. I mean variety of whats out there. Believe me I have spent whole day looking for one, just one responsive template. I'm making this site for a mate out of learning how to do it. I started with zencart then popped to opencart then onto oscommerce and then one more I forgot its name! I tried many just to see how flexible they are to work with since my tech level and understanding is low to lowish. I went back to zencart mainly because the ease of its installation right off their website without any issues. Just saw one youtube video on how to install it on localhost using xampp and after 2 minutes I was in admin panel looking at tons of options on how to run the store. Imagine my surprise! lol I was lost, I must say lol. I have been working on a zencart theme and its a pain in the somewhere to edit to be honest. But I've not ran into any errors or issues so its a good thing I believe. Its a mobile shop/store which I'm working on. At the moment I'm stuck on how to create a specification tab for every product page. Hoping to overcome it but I think the theme does not support it so I have to look for how to edit the files and get code off somewhere. Searching the forums as we speak, type. I have downloaded the file from your signature. Not installed it yet. I have to look for a responsive theme/template which works with your version of oscommerce from your signature. I got the zencart theme for free and haven't come across any decent tech store theme of oscommerce yet, I may be looking at the wrong sites. No money is involved since its a mate and my own interest so I can only work with free theme(s). Perhaps if you know any fancy looking oscommerce theme then point me in that direction and I will give it a try, why not? I'm working on zencart not out of spite of os, no. Only because I have not had any issues and little bit of searching youtube and google 99% of the time gets a solution without posting in the forum. I have yet to use oscommerce and I might like it even more! lol I didn't wanted to waste all day but it got wasted so I continued to work with zencart project. O it's prestashop the other one which I tried, lol remembered the name now. Gosh was it laggy and slow as a snail! Stay away from it I tell you, honest. Had to edit php.ini so many times that it's not even funny. Many thanks for your reply and time. Sorry for the wall of words! Cheers.
  3. Mtareq

    New install messing about.

    @MrPhil Yes official download from main page. clean install. clean data base. you mentioned its outdated, I mean I'm no expert or somebody who gives support and help on oscommerce but don't you think common errors and lack of updates is putting people off, like myself. I wanted to try this and gave it a full day but unfortunately its been one thing after another.. not a good start. As you said its not my fault and I tried my best to make it work to the best of my ability but it didnt. Now I'm back on zencart and continuing to work on the theme which is working right off the bat. no glitches no errors nothing whatsoever. I am new to zen too, actually just following the theme and editing using basic things. Not bad I'd say. I had a long day and spend it all on oscommerce! it never worked because of some basic things like out of date download.... sigh, its 9pm, almost and now I'm searching zencart help and tips to edit the theme. Its not easy peasy but at least its working. Many thanks for your reply MrPhil, much appreciate it. @tothcom Thanks for your reply too. Much appreciated. Yes it was a clean install and official download as mentioned above. I now have deleted it all and moved to zencart, I didn't deleted it this morning when I took the venture and decided to try oscommerce. I was gobsmacked, I mean literally, when I saw a comment from the dev on the famous mysql error that update will be out in few months or weeks and that comment was years old and people have the very same issue. I was like wow.. they must have forgotten to include the fix since there has been updates. Anyway, to sum it up, I always use clean folders etc to test. Its the main reason I am using localhost, xampp. Since this morning I have deleted like at least 20 oscommerce installations lol. Always delete the old ones and install a new project. Anyway, many thanks to you too for your time to reply. cheerios.
  4. Mtareq

    New install messing about.

    Cheers guys decided to stick with zencart since I have zero issues with it. Just wanted to try this but its a bad idea it seems. Cheers
  5. Mtareq

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    How to install this addon? I read through the manual and doing a clean install. Copy past the files but add on doesnt appear under modules. Am I missing something? Installing it on localhost. xampp\httdoc\os extract files from the add on under above location and overwrite any if prompted. still nothing!
  6. Hello, *warning* New user of oscommerce here with little to no knowledge so your patience is highly appreciated. I downloaded oscommerce full package on localhost, I'm using xampp. mysql is up and running, no problem. I am making a website using zencart and the theme I'm working with, installed flawlessly (zencart theme). In a passing conversation with a friend he suggested since I am in the middle of zencart thing, why not try oscommerce. That's where it all went wrong. I can download and install oscommerce on localhost no worries. I downloaded a theme called tehnostore and It refuses to install. The famous and glorious mysql extention error took ages to go away by editing the install.php (of the techostore theme) but now it is not going through the testing the connection... What I have gathered is that myqsl extention error is old, like old old and what surprised me was that developers are still carrying it rather then fixing it. I'm no developer but this had me thinking.... not a good start. The attached pic is of the lastest oscommerce package. when I unzip the theme folders from catalog into the folder, it installed but gave errors, which are: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\xampp\htdocs\os\admin\security_checks.php on line 82 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function pass() on null in C:\xampp\htdocs\os\admin\security_checks.php:85 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\os\admin\security_checks.php on line 85 Armed with no knowledge on how to fix them, I simply deleted the lines in the corresponding file. In attached files os5 you can see there is a warning message that its been over 30 days for the security check. In os6 pic under tools and security checks there is nothing but the message in the dashboard is still. Should I be worried? I will be installing a theme to work with. I already tried and failed, miserably. Due to the fact that theme is oscommerce 2.3.3 and not sure if it will work under the latest version of oscommerce. The famous mysql extension error greets me when I try to install the theme. editing the install.php hangs the script so any ideas?