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  1. Subbie

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi I am very new to oscommerce and on a steep learning curve and needing some hand-holding. I have found this forum very willing and helpful. I would like to install the rotator slide model. I have followed the instructions and have installed the model using all defaults to start with: I have activated the model in Banner Management: The next screen seems to allow for only one image: Nothing appears on front shop screen. I am using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE I am obviously doing something wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction? many thanks Subbie
  2. Subbie

    Nothing happens after install

    Thank you all who responded it has been very help for this newbie to have such support. Appreciated. Subbie
  3. Subbie

    Nothing happens after install

    Hi Zahid have worked it out. Thanks for your help. Subbie
  4. Subbie

    Nothing happens after install

    Sorry Zahad for not being clear. I have read the connecting thread and still unclear. I have created the user.css and it is in the root. What I was asking is into what file do I put the reference to the css in oscommerce? I would normally use <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="user.css"> in Index File. The site is not picking the css up in root as it is and I am therefore asking in which file do I put the reference? Thanks for your patience with a newbee! Subbie
  5. Subbie

    Nothing happens after install

    Thanks Zahid Normally I would have a css in Index. Where does this schema pick up the css file? Is it in the root or i an includes file? Subbie
  6. Subbie

    Nothing happens after install

    Thanks Raiwa That did the trick! One thing to help me with. I am not great at coding etc and know my way around a little. I need to change the black navbar/footer colour scheme. I know I have to amend the css but what would I look for and in what css? Once again many thans for your kind response. Subbie
  7. I am new to oscommerce and building a site on localhost. Using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1. I copied the contents of the zip as described in the manual and followed all the instructions and on the admin side everything looks fine. The module is seen as installed and all the defaults were used. See Screenshot: I have checked the tree structure and all the files are in the expected folders. I have cleared all caches and refreshed everything and still there appears to be no navbar on front end see screenshot. There are no errors flagged up and am at a loss to what is wrong. Grateful for any guidance. Subbie