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  1. :blink: -Hello -


    I need to be able to buy items (add to cart) right after I select the category and it lists my items. For example: I select a category, this brings up the items listed in that category and to the right is a buy now button (which now takes you to the details on the product). I do not want to go to the details on the product I want that button to add it right to the cart. I do not want my customer so have to click so many times to buy something. So I would like the add to cart button beside the items onthe categories page. Any ideas? Please help - I'm not sure it is just a matter of a little php coding.

  2. This has been happening to me too.


    Seems to be rounding up to the nearest whole dollar ?

    It is happening on TWO different installations of osCommerce for two different clients.


    I can't find anything in these forums or archive ... I think I'm going to post a bug report.






    I already did one - Just put it up on Friday. Let's hope someone can help - I can't do business like this.


    Thank you - Kim

  3. my ups or usps are not working correctly - in the checkout_shipping.php it shows one amount and when I reach the checkout_confirmation.php I get another amount. I do not know where to begin - I tried I installed a new store and tested it - the same problem existed. I need to get my store back up - can anyone help please.

  4. I added both the ups and usps contributions and now i get one amount in the checkout_shipping.php area and another amount inthe checkout_confirmation.php area - I've replaced the files back to the originals, but it still seems to be doing the same thing. When I install a fresh copy of oscommernce it does not do this - so it has to be a contribution. Any ideas what is going on? Please help -

  5. Help - I just added this contribution - seemed really easy - normally all goes well with contributions. I get: 1146 - Table 'crazyabo_shop.TABLE_PACKAGING' doesn't exist


    select * from TABLE_PACKAGING order by package_cost;


    [TEP STOP],


    I get this whether my table is there or not. Help. Am I doing something out of sequence? Please reply. Help.

  6. I need to know if someone can help with the USPS Shipping Module. I need to be able to set a minimum shipping amount. I do not know how to code this? I have UPS set up that way and it works great. Would any one be able to help.


    Please reply.

    :D Kim

  7. One attributes comtribution or fix that I don't see or I am just missing is when I need to delete an attribute that is on multiple items, I have to do this one at a time, whew I just did one and it took forever, there has to be an easier way. Would anyone be able to help??

  8. Hello,


    I currently have an older UPS contribution - because it allows me to set a minimum shipping fee. I do not see that this new module allows for that. Does it? Please reply. And if it does not, does anyone know how to set that up? Help.I may be able to bring inthe code from the other one, but I'm not sure if that will work. HELP.

  9. I ended up using the shipping surcharge. I really liek both, but I would like for it to add to the shipiing total (this helps with my costs for packaging) and doesnt seem to discourage poeple like it does when it is listed seperately. Any ideas on how to add this % to the shipping charges.

  10. I need to be able to use it both ways, with the + and - but with a fixed price. It seems to be adding the attributes price to the price I enter when I am setting up the item. Don't know why or where to go to fix it. I thought it was working fine - shows okay in cart but not once you enter echeckout. Anyone help please. :'(

  11. Crashwave can you help. It seems if my product for one is $2.00 and for a dozen it is $6.00. it shows fine inthe cart but when you go thru the checkout process it adds the $2.00 to the $6.00 price. The $2.00 price is the price I put in when I entered the item. I do not know how to fix this addition problem. Would you be able to help?