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  1. Hi.. i have some extra info i want to enter in certain products, like video games on my store site.. such as the link below.. GAME EXAMPLE PAGE on the game details where i've entered the new game detail categories MANUALLY via HTML code in the item description.. such as.. publisher: Nintendo genre: racing etc etc.. how can i write these into the new product listing page in ADMIN, where i enter new products, like how product MODEL is, but where i can just enter the publisher or the genre details and OSC has it listed like i show.. BUT INSTEAD of how the model is currently displayed - small, same colour as the title, and in [] brackets.. but MORE like how i have shown it MANUALLY.. > Listed down the side, categories in light blue, bold, and details in black, bold.. And then for the OFLC rating and Supply where i use an image.. can i have either a selection from the images i've already used, in say attributes form.. but instead of finishing updating the product and going to edit attributes, like i do for tshirts and other products, can the editing feature be INSIDE the product editing page.. I hope these requests havent been too confusing.. ANY help would be so very much appreciated.. cheers. Simon Alleyway :blush: