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  1. Ok, I installed this contribution awhile ago... http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...nd+address+line Now, its a pretty big contribution, but it seems to work fine, with one exception. When I look at invoices in the admin orders section, It no longer shows the FIRST address line for billing address. It is blank, and has a space there for it, but nothing shows up, like its blanked out. Is this suposed to be like this? If not, any idea what code I could have messed up for this to happen?
  2. hereis the feed specifications for mysimon. http://www.mysimon.com/4002-5_8-5099734.html I assume i'll need to edit the froogle.php file in admin/classes.
  3. so i'm interested in setting up some other feeds for this. how about a basic tutorital of setting up another feed if we know the fields and order they need to be in?
  4. Feedbag

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    is there a wrorking version? from what i saw in the contribution list, different zipcodes weren't working? I hope this does get me away from the wall. It sounds like what I need. (btw, the attribute sets contribution probably saved me five hours or more of typing) Let's hope this can get me moving!
  5. Feedbag

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    so is there something with this code and drop shipping. i'm against the wall here.
  6. Feedbag

    Drop Shipping

    To explain drop shipping. Many of the products are shipped by the manufactorer themselves to our customer. So each product, or every product for each vendor needs its own "Ship From" to properly calculate shipping costs.
  7. Feedbag

    Drop Shipping

    There must be some sort of contribution for drop shipping. I can't launch this store without it. I'll pay for something to be made if need be.
  8. I think I figured it out... For an attribute to be associated with a product, there must be a value in the price field for that attribute. Most of my attributes are for sizes of products, so there aren't prices assoicated with it. I noticed 0's in the fields that had a value associated with it. So, empty price field=no attribute. Value in price field=attribute associated. Is this right?
  9. thats what i don't understand. for the life of me, I don't see where an attribute is associated with a product. Since they are all listed with every product, I can't see how the database can say one attribute is not associated with a particular product. btw: anyone who can help can IM me at freechalupas on AIM so I don't flood this topic with my posts :huh:
  10. In the spreadsheet, every attribute is listed with every product. But not all those attributes are associated with every product. I feel that something is wrong. I'm not going to upload the file to test it, as I feel it will associate all those attributes with all the products. For example, I have color values for one product, but not another. Both product have all the variable data in them for the colors. What is wrong here?
  11. I just installed this mod, and am having a few questions. When i download the excel file (txt file), every item has every attribute associated with it. That's not how they are on my store. Am i doing something wrong here?
  12. Feedbag

    easy populate manual

    i have stared at this excel sheet, and the way it looks, every attribute in the database is in every product. now, i have different attributes for different products. i don't see where in this excel file attributes are shown to be for a product or not. they are listed the same way for every product!
  13. Feedbag

    easy populate manual

    update: is the excel sheet supposed to have the attributes and values listed for every product? how does it distinguish which variables and attributes are used for which products?
  14. I'm running easy populate, and it looks great. But... I don't quite understand how to change attributes and whatnot in the txt file in excel. It looks like when i download it all products have all attributes. I read the manual thoroughly but it doesn't explain how to change attributes for products. I also searched for a faq but havent found anything. please help me find my answers. Thanks.
  15. Feedbag

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    I found the error! The latest contribution of this has the following code on line 137 $data = "target_app=WebCharge_v6.00&"; you'll need to change that to: $data = "target_app=WebCharge_v5.06&";