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  1. jschenk

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    Iam using theAuthorize.net Consolidated v1.7 by Austin519 and I am getting the error message below. The server cannot connect to Authorize.net. Please check your cURL and server settings. I did contact my hosting company to recompile Curl for me and they have done that. Any help out there. Sincerely, Jeffery Schenk <_<
  2. Recently I had to switch to Authorizenet_Consolidated v17 for credit card order and I have CCGV 510 installed and I was able to use before I made the switch. Now it doesn't show up on my payment page. How do I make show up on the payment payment? What files do I need to edit to make this happen? Thanks, Jeff
  3. jschenk

    Anyone having problems with Fedex?

    Hello: I had the same problem and after contacting the developer and getting good starting point and had my site hosting vendor recompiled php with curl, and add ssl support for curl. It is working great now. :)
  4. jschenk

    Unable to use my Authornet Account

    Hello: I am trying to get my Authorizenet account connected to my cart. I have tried both test and production with no success. I am using the modules that came with the current version Oscomerce. any Ideas. Jeff Schenk