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  1. doment

    [contribution] Total B2B

    I was actually able to hide the $0.00 products pricing using the 'Hide Price if $0' contribution with some minor modifications. One thing that would be nice would be the ability to give customers a QUANTITY discount above and beyond their normal discount. For example, I've got some customers who get good price breaks but only when they buy 50 or 100 units at a time but if they don't buy that many I want them to pay normal reseller pricing (which is still less than retail pricing)... Basically just add a quantity discount for that particular group on each items price - so for each price on an item I could also add a quantity price and the number of units to qualify for that price... Just a thought ;)
  2. doment

    [contribution] Total B2B

    I've got some products for resellers that I don't want customers to even be able to see - I set their price 1 (default) to $0.00 and their price 2 (reseller) to whatever, but then the customer can see the default price of $0.00... Anyway to make a product with $0.00 for that customer's price group be invisible to those customers in that group?
  3. doment

    [contribution] Total B2B

    What exactly does the products price hiding do? I turn it off or on and it doesn't appear to do anything different?!
  4. The TEXT_CLOSE_WINDOW still doesn't work right in the latest revision; it looks like the TEXT_CLOSE_WINDOW definition should go into the conditions.php file rather than the checkout_confirmation.php file in the languages directory. (in fact that's where I put it and it works fine now) Any idea of how to do this but require a person to put in their initials rather than just click a checkbox (not that it would matter in the event of a chargeback but who knows)?