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  1. the_numb

    Categories images

    You need to go to your image folder and delete right from there, another option is delete them via FTP connection, that's the way you can do it.
  2. the_numb

    Help or advice is needed

    I want to calculate different shipping rates, one could be flat for costumers inside the USA and other for costumers outside USA, but I want for example that UPS works only for orders that came from other country than USA, and for orders from USA apply the rate based on each item (that part is solved), what I need is that UPS work only for orders from outside USA. I think this can be done adjusting the zones, or the tax zones, but I don't want to charge my costumers with an additional tax, just the shipping, anybody has an idea to solve this problem?...........all the help will be appreciate.
  3. the_numb

    loginbox v5.2

    Sorry for the before message this is the link to the Linda's loginbox, sorry for the inconvenience
  4. the_numb

    loginbox v5.2

    This is the link to the loginbox you are looking for Loginbox
  5. the_numb

    Master Products - MS2

    whats the package constribution that you are using please !? greetz john ok, you have done it yourself.... would be nice if you post the solution! thanx I rewrote the Master Products contribution, as well as rewrote the admin panel. It was a lot of work ;) sammydeek, Your page appears to be blank.. heh..
  6. the_numb

    Master Products - MS2

    So as you can see, I really need help to fix this problem, I've been thinking could be the data base, but better of all, can somebody help me to this problem?
  7. When I emter in the administration page, trying to make the status for the products, the page displays this error "1054 Unknown column 'p.products_master' in "field list', can somebody tell me how to fix this problem?
  8. the_numb

    Why is not working?

    I downloaded the package to make master and slaves products, I've made the changes in the files, installed the files, but is not working, I don't know where is the problem, maybe in the database?, I think I did it right, but obviously wasn't, the error could be on the sql file?, or somebody give an advice to solve this and make it work?
  9. the_numb

    Chek Template

    I'm looking for a template or some thing like it of a check to include in my page, is there a template or maybe a place to get one example or a template of a chek?............thanks in advance for the help.