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    Peter Adams
  1. peterdadams

    Protx vsp Form

    I have installed this and it was ok. Take a look at the following site that uses Protx vsp form for credit cards. I set this site up he sells sunglasses. http://www.eyeweardirect.co.uk/
  2. peterdadams

    processing own payments

    Hi I have experience of setting up oscommerce stores. I wish to setup another oscommerce store which does not require a payment module. E.g. the store owner does not require immediate credit card billing or credit card details at all. Anyone know what happens if you turn off all payment modules? Will it return straight to the checkout_success.php page? Thanks Peter
  3. peterdadams

    Protx contribution download

    I have tried to download the Protx contribution but there is no link to download. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,441/page,10 Please help. Regards Peter