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  1. You need to explain the problem a little more clearly. I have no idea what you are saying is broken. :shock: I think he means he wanted the button "Add to Chart" instead of "Login" (on the product page) which is by default turned off by your mod/contrib. It's solved, see the last line of his post (he posted it already on page 15). ;)
  2. Me = stupid. Never noticed there is a V5.1. :oops:
  3. Installed the CVS Snapshot (2.2) of yesterday and the QuantityControllerV5_0. When I wanted to checkout, I received an error saying that the function get_content_type() was undefined in order.php. I found out that get_content_type was original a function in shopping_cart.php class (included by application_top.php), but the function is missing in the QuantityControllerV5_0 shopping_cart.php class. I've put the function get_content_type in my current shopping_cart.php and everything works fine. (I hope :)).