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  1. I just installed the STS for a friend's site, and I set up the link to the products section (not using the catagories box), and when someone clicks on that link, it's missing the osCid session number, I linked it directly to index.php?Cpath=21 Site can temporarily be found here: http://d671123.u36.websitesource.net/store/index.php Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I know I have to get the osCid in there somewhere, but not sure how to do it with a direct link. Thanks in advance
  2. MikeJandreaudotCom

    Trouble with STS

    Delete the STS Stuff, and reinstall it. It took me two times to get everything to work. But it eventually did. Don't know why, but sometimes things get messed up.
  3. MikeJandreaudotCom

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I added the contrib to my site, which by the way, is amazing. Psyched to get it all set up. Default layout's so boring. I had a couple questions: 1) can I change the layout of the boxes ($categorybox, etc) So they're horizontal, rather than vertical? 2) Can I change the width of the $content? I'm using tables in my design, and the content's too wide, and gets cut off from where I want it to fit. 3) How can I remove the little corner image from the boxes? ($categorybox, $informationbox, etc) Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure I could figure this out on my own, but I'd rather just ask. Thanks
  4. MikeJandreaudotCom

    Trouble with STS

    I just tried installing the STS contrib, and maybe I'm doing something wrong, as I'm new to this whole thing... I install everything as it says in the readme.txt file, but when I view the site, everything's disappeared from the site. It comes up as a blank HTML page. Am I missing something?