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  1. Hi, My checkout pages all have the site name as the title tag and then as soon as you land on the checkout_payment page: <title>if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled && $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_class)if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled && $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_class)if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled && $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_class)</title> Anybody got any ideas? sales going through ok though onto a 3rd party gateway but the title tag for the page is worrying me. Help anybody?
  2. pekler

    News Blog V1.0

    I have got this installed on Cre Loaded version of oscommerce. It all seems to have gone ok and I have box installed in the right column which shows the latest post with link. The trouble is that when you click the link to open the news.php it just opens a blank page... I get the impression it is because I am using a template system and have placed the box file inside the template/boxes area. to be honest though that may not be the issue at all as I am not good with php. Does anyone have any ideas why this would happen?
  3. Hi, I can not get this contribution to work. I have tried the various packages available but it continually logs out when I try to make adjustments. I have also tried the logout fix with each of the releases available. It surely has something to do with the session ID as the fix suggests but why does the fix not work? I am running out of ideas of what to do. Dpes anyone have any further insoght on fixing this log out problem? Thank you