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    Hmm, PHP would be a nifty guess. mySQL comes in at a close second. I must be a sadistic fool, for I actually do enjoy all the protocols associated with creating, maintaining, marketing and succeeding with a Web-based business. Doesn't everyone?
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  1. dakatone

    Linkpoint curl error

    I had similar problem with CIHost. I do not believe it was the host. Not sure though. Correcting the PHP call to curl with a manual call did not remedy this either. It was simply a mystery. Ruhl
  2. dakatone

    LinkPoint Conversion Email

    I would contact Linkpoint as well, since that version uses port 1129. Ruhl
  3. dakatone

    EFSNet CVV2

    I am trying to incorporate the CVV2 info into mine, if I get it I will share. But OMG, ugh ugh ugh! Ruhl
  4. dakatone

    Best and Stable Payment Module?

    It really depends on your setup. Like Authorize.net is fabulous, but it can be exhaustively taxing if you do not sell a tremendous amount of product. I personally use Concord/EFSnet for my CC, Check and Debit authorizations. They allow me card-not-present, card present and check authorizations and processing, Online and Offline processings, remote processing via secure Internet site, etc. This makes it exceptional for visiting a client in another town. I simply use my pocketPC to connect and authorize their wholesale purchase on the spot. Very professional, gets them everytime, and inexpensive. http://www.concordefsnet.com/ Anyway, pretty much every major "TRUE" merchant account provider (i.e. not PayPal, CCBill, etc.) will provide services as described above. Onje thing to really look for, Concord is THE backbone for many providers, so make sure they are not rerouting to Concord. If so, skip then, go with Concord, and save time and money! :-P Good luck Ruhl
  5. dakatone

    Module to manage several equal payments?

    I am not really sure how you can do that in osC, but it sounds like it might cause some issues with the merchant account provider. Make sure that they will allow you to automatically debit someone's account like that without the customer actually pressing "Authorize" or whatever. You probably should look into an extensive legal statute that would require them to "electonically sign" in the form of a checkbox explaining their card will be charged y months for x dollars. Otherwise, disputes are bound to occur and you could lose without these previsions. Now, good luck with the programming part :-P Ruhl
  6. dakatone


    PayPal is a service different from Authorize.net. Authorize.net is the backbone. PayPal uses a backbone, even if it is their own, they have an interface you see. Authorize.net REQUIRES an interface to use it, a shopping cart, like osC. In other words, you will never "see" Authorize.net like you see PayPal. It will all be part of your site, seamless. Authorize.net is plain and simple a merchant account that allows you to authorize and debit credit cards, debit cards and checking accounts. They are one of the more expensive in town (much like Verisign is in its genre), but they are also one of the more reliable and recognized. osC should seamlessly work with them. Good luck Ruhl
  7. dakatone

    Eliminate Checkout process

    osC has 2CO installable as a module in the payment section. That MIGHT be easier for you since completely taking out the checkout/processing features of a full-fledged checkout/processing script might be tedious. Even if you just take it out to the extent that the viewers cannot "see" it, you will still need to do some major hacking. I have a system so hacked I cannot tell you where to begin...ugh. I use XML templates now, so all my php files are simply functions and directives. Try starting with the obvious, index.php, and "includes" and "defines" should lead you through the trail. Good luck Ruhl
  8. dakatone

    I want to accept credit card payments only

    Concord/EFSNet is another excellent "true" merchant account which I integrate within the cart. Should already be initially "installable" in osC under EFSnet. They have very competitive pricing, the funds are in your account fast, and they have a totally 100% FREE testing ground! That's right, full-fledged testing grounds to make it work, then you switch it over. Much like USPS's testing grounds WISHED they could have been. ;-) After you obtain a merchant acount, it is all downhill from there. The only problems I have gotten have been with osC not liking it when a CC is not approved by EFSnet (for expired card, etc.). It printed all the data in a red box above my header. Needless to say with a test account I fixed it before going live. Ruhl