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  1. Problem solved with emails etc .. :thumbsup:
  2. Please could someone help with a problem I have: the discount is not shown in emails sent to the customer or the store owner. Also the discount is missing in the invoice you see in the OSC admin panel. Edit: I am with osc v.2.2-MS2 Just tested on v.2.3 and there work fine :huh:
  3. Thank you for this great contrib! How to show the calculated discount in shopping_cart.php just before Sub-total?
  4. spear


    There have no question. I only say that in admin/site monitor/configure the values in: "Email address that the SiteMonitor email will be sent to." and "Email address that the SiteMonitor email is sent from (useful for multiple shops)." must be different. If they are same the letter goes to store owner email address only.
  5. spear


    Thanks Juck, for quick replay. I just checked the file sitemonitor_configure.php and there is set correct email $to = 'me@mysite.com'; I am wonder why I still receive emails with SM reports to the company email address which is stored only in the admin panel as store owner email address. p.s. I just find out that it remember any other email address, but not this one which is used for From. I mean "From email" and "To email" must be different.
  6. spear


    Hi Jack Thank you for this probably most useful contribution!!! I think that have a problem in admin/site monitor/configure Whatever email address to enter in "Email address that the SiteMonitor email will be sent to." after refresh it is ever changed to STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS after browser refresh. I find this line in sitemonitor_configure_setup.php: and think the error come from it.
  7. spear

    Bulk Mail Engine support thread

    Thank you for this great contribution! I had to send a letter to 7000 customers. All went fine, 5864 mailed already, the browser make auto refresh every few seconds, but it doesn't count the next which have to be mailed. Already 5 hours it stays in this position: "... is being mailed to: all customers to send 1102 mailed 5864 bla@bla.com" Please tell me what to do? I already closed and open the browser but the situation is same.
  8. spear


    @lybrary we all will be happy if you tune little bit the script!!! Please do this, but in understandable way, idiot guide model, mean "open file, find line, replase with,,,", hope you understand me what I mean.
  9. spear

    Dynamic Image Resizer

    I just tested it. It works good, but: 1. It doesn't recalculate the height after resizing. It just follow what is set in the admin panel and the result is an ugly thumbnail 2. If the image is GIF it can't process it
  10. Thank you for your help ! Now the problem with html_output.php is fixed! I also replaced and new files/catalog/product_thumb.php But this file now produce thumbs like this one: the older product_thumb.php(2 years old) produce correct image: please help me once again
  11. Hi Grinse ! Thanks for your upgrade: v.2.4 I have using this contrib almost 2 years and never had a problem. Now I decided to upgrade it to v.2.4, because of problems with server CPU load on my hosting. So what I did. I just replaced these 2 files: from yours rc2a files\catalog\includes\functions: html_output.php from yours new files\catalog: product_thumb.php The result is: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/mysite/www/www/catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 84 Ok, then I have returned the old html_output.php and the site work, but the generated thumbs are black and white few pixels points only :'( What is the problem with v.2.4? Can you help?
  12. spear

    2checkout parameter error fix

    GREAT !!! Thank you !!!! You save my life Specter :rolleyes: I lost 6 hours to investigate this problem and 10 min ago I decided to check here the forums and I see your solution. Work great ! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is for Google search ;) : ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While trying to retrieve the URL: https://www2.2checkout.com/2co/buyer/purchase The following error was encountered: The request or reply is too large. If you are making a POST or PUT request, then your request body (the thing you are trying to upload) is too large. If you are making a GET request, then the reply body (what you are trying to download) is too large. These limits have been established by the Internet Service Provider who operates this cache. Please contact them directly if you feel this is an error. Your cache administrator is webmaster. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Generated Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:59:05 GMT by proxy.2checkout.com (squid/2.5.STABLE14)
  13. spear

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics

    Same here and now I even can't unistall it with the included remove file :( May be we must install lower version
  14. Yes this helps me a lot. Thank you for your fast support !
  15. Thank you for this contribution surfalot ! I want to install it, but I can't, because I am with oscommerce template. In your readme file you say "use file compare program to see the difference", but in my case when I compare, for example, product_info.php all is completely different. Do you have list with all additional code which I have to add to my already modified code?