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  1. Spinder

    Custom Product Builder

    Additional info: If I go ahead and build a product and click on the build button I get this error: 1054 - Unknown column 'products_options_name' in 'field list' insert into products_options (products_options_id, products_options_name, language_id) values ('5', 'Component 1', '1') TEP_DB_ERRORR Site Link: http://proedgewheels.com/builder_main.php? Any thoughts?
  2. Spinder

    Custom Product Builder

    First off I want to thank the creator of Custom Product Builder for offering this very useful contribution and then actually supporting it. I have installed this on a site running CRE Loaded v6.2 B2B which is an upgraded version of OsCommerce. The admin side installed without a problem. I had to do a little tweaking to get the user part to display with CRE's template system. It now fits into the template but I'm having a bit of a problem. I followed the install instructions and added a product to the Assembly Fees category before turning it on. I played with it with just the one product and was able to click on component 1 and add that product to the build list from the popup window. I then added the rest of my test products in 4 other categories. Now, none of the products I added after I activated the builder are selectable in the popup menu. I can see them and the rollover effect works but they don't get added to the build list. Site Link: http://proedgewheels.com/builder_main.php? Any thoughts?
  3. Go to the Admin and click remove. Then click install. More than likely you made changes to the configuration settings after it was installed. Good Luck!
  4. I'm having a problem installing this contrib. I'm getting these errors, I'm not very familiar with PHP and can't figure out what's wrong. I've reinstalled 3 times and it's the same. Parse error: parse error in /home/httpd/vhosts/efurniture-direct.com/httpdocs/catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 51 Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: shipping in /home/httpd/vhosts/efurniture-direct.com/httpdocs/catalog/checkout_shipping.php on line 64 I really need this problem to go away any help would be great.
  5. Spinder

    Fedex Shipping Module - Install Fatal Error

    I just ran into the same problem. This is what I did. Open this page: /catalog/includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php Replace all instances of this: $osC_Database->simpleQuery With this: tep_db_query I'm not a programer but this did work, Good Luck! JC