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  1. zephyrsky

    Multiple store, Authorize.net Can't connect error

    So much for that. I accidentally put the order thorugh as a Check/Money Order. I tried a Credit Card order again and it failed. Back to the drawing board.
  2. zephyrsky

    Multiple store, Authorize.net Can't connect error

    Well, I got the connectivity issue to work.. I found this Auth.Net fix and had to get the December fix to find the solution in curlfix.txt. It's still weird that one store works fine and the other doesn't since the first store has the older curl code but not much I can say on that at the moment.. The order went through on the store side but it isn't showing up in the Auth.Net transactions.. More to come.
  3. I'm running 2 stores on a domain both using Authorize.net Consolidated v1.7 by Austin519. The first store is in the /store1 folder and the second store is in /store2. Store 1 can process orders fine, there are NO problems. The second store works great but once you try to "confirm an order", I get this message in a red bar at the bottom of the page: The server cannot connect to Authorize.net. Please check your cURL and server settings. They are both using the same payent module. All settings are exactly the same for both stores, and the curl setting works fine with the first store. I've reinstalled the Authorize.net module multiple times but I'm still getting this error. Any ideas?
  4. zephyrsky

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    This is killing me. I went into USPS.php and removed some of the international options, but they keep showing up for customers.. How can this be?? They don't exist! I uninstalled the USPS shipping module and reinstalled it.. I deleted it from the directory, then put it back in, and reinstalled it.. Still having the same issue. All options continue to show up.. Any ideas? This problem doesn't happen with the domestic part. thanks