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  1. Jesse J

    Get 1 Free

    Thanks a lot guys.. this isn't quite what the client is looking for but I will offer it.
  2. Jesse J

    Get 1 Free

    Hi Jim, Can you clarify the feature set on your mod for me? I have a client who sells greeting cards, and his goal is Buy any 5 cards get 1 free. Can it work for buy X number of any of the selected products? or is it only buy x # of this item get 1 free. Furthermore is it possible to give the customer a choice of the free product? Thanks! :thumbsup:
  3. Jesse J

    Payflo Pro issue

    FYI to anyone who has this problem in the future. We had recently move the account to a new server and the Paypal Payflow gateway uses IP authentication. It actuall requires both the dedicated IP and the main server IP in order to function properly (at least on our cpanel servers). Anyway we added the new IPs in the Paypal Payflow control panel and it worked again.
  4. Jesse J

    Payflo Pro issue

    We are seeing the same problem out of nowhere with the Payflow Pro module. All credit cards are showing: Credit Card Error! User authentication failed Please try again. Anyone have a fix for this yet? Likely due to a Paypal Payflow Pro module upgrade.
  5. FYI I did the above and it made the default for my Manufactures list United States. So this is not a working solution.
  6. Jesse J

    Google Analytics module

    Hi we have Google Analytics module running on 2 sites that both have a number of mods running on them. Everything is working fine however the Goals are not registering. We have goals setup for Checkout and newsletter signup. If there is anyone who is an expert with Google Analytics and OSC please PM me with your rates. We are looking to get this solved at once. Thanks! Jesse
  7. Jesse J

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    How can the module be set to have totally free shipping on items with 0.00 weight? Currently it makes them 1 lb. Is there an easy change to the script or setting I'm not seeing for this?
  8. Jesse J

    Google Analytics module

    So the whole thing is working perfectly for you guys now? This is the same build that was giving so many posters above trouble... did you do anything differently?
  9. Jesse J

    Google Analytics module

    This concerns me as well but with this method we would have the problem of it breaking secure pages.
  10. Jesse J

    Google Analytics module

    So is this a problem still? or are you able to install without issue. I know that the ecommerce tracking is not working but how bout the main part of the analytics code? Also did you have to insert it in all the pages of the site? or has someone found an easy way to have it included on all the pages?
  11. Jesse J

    Google Analytics module

    So it appears there are some mixed results with adding Google Analytics to OSC right now. It's been 11 days since the last post here. Is everyone uninstalling or are just a couple stores having these problems? Are you guys putting the code in the footer.php page or in the head as in the instructions. Thanks for the help ;)
  12. WEll that shoud work... where is that setting changed??
  13. Jesse J

    Scrambled Order Numbers

    So is this contribution unstalbe / finished? Does anyone know of a similar order number solution? Thanks a lot!
  14. Will this mod allow seperate pricing for 2 zones? specifically we need seperate shipping pricing for US and Canada per item. So it is flat rate per itme but needs to be different for US and Canada. Will this work for that? Thanks :thumbsup:
  15. Ralph, Thanks for the info. I appreciate your help and your work on this project. So then just to verify.. the way I have it set up now will now work. because it will allow the customer to purchase an item (denim L or olive M) that does not exist. So my solution in the interum is to creat seprate items for each color... correct? Thanks again! Jesse