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  1. Hi, thanks for your fast replay. I paste the code into the files, but it will not work. :( In orders, the date of birth appears but there is no date?
  2. First, a great contribution! Your modification works fine" in the Order_Info.php there is the field with "Date of Birth". Is it posible to show the Date of Birth of the customer in the "order page" of the admin? Maybee under the customers details? So you can make a statistic of the age of the buyers. excuse my english ... :'(
  3. Hi All - PWA 0.80 works great with Ms2.2 ! Great Contribution! only one question (excuse my bad english) an order with an account will be send to the customer under the e-mail adress of the shop. Thats OK but if sombody makes an order with PWA, no account, he will get the mail from the root of the server: For example: Order wwwrun@xxxxxxxxxxx.pureserver.info if an custumer use just a fake e-mail adress, the "Mail Delivery System" will sent to wwwrun@xxxxxxxxxxx.pureserver.info and thats the root of the server and in most cases it will find its way to nirvana ...... that?s the problem, how could I fix it? I think it is a problem of the modificated checkout_process.php, but my php knowledge is no the best ... :'( thanks for your help Mark