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  1. joy_zze

    Minimum Advertised Price Module Support

    What did you do to fix it?
  2. joy_zze

    Minimum Advertised Price Module Support

    After over 2 months, I am having no luck getting help with this contribution. Please see post above. Now, I have noticed that the price is not hidden on the category listing page i.e. price before "buy now" button. This makes the contribution largely useless. Is someone else having this problem? Please, is there anyone out there that can help me??
  3. joy_zze

    [Contribution] Image Resize v1.5

    Oh please help, I am so frustrated! I installed Image_resize v1.5, and everything is working properly except now when I go to the admin catalog section, it looks like the admin stylesheet isn't loading. The resize function is working properly on the site, and the and the admin section fuctions properly. It just doesn't load the grey boxes/fonts etc. I have gone over the code as best as I am able, and can't find any errors. However, when I take the following line out of the admin/catagoeries $products_image->set_resize(true); the category section of the admin looks normal. Put it back in and Bam! admin looks funky again. Could someone please give me a hint? I just don't understand how the contribution could be working properly, but just screwing up the way the admin looks. Does it matter? What does this mean?
  4. joy_zze

    Minimum Advertised Price Module Support

    Thanks for the great contribution! I have just one little bug that perhaps you can help me with. Before I installed the MAP contribution, I installed the "featured product" contribution (replaces "new products for month" with a selected featured product). Everything works great except. . . the featured contribution asks you to: edit /catalog/index.php and change the two instances of FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS to FILENAME_FEATURED I had to change back FILENAME_FEATURED to FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS, otherwise the index, and catagories pages would show up with a white background (basically it looks like the ccs stylesheet isn't loading). When I changed back the new products text, MAP works great, and no white background, but the Featured product contribution isn't there anymore. It used to work fine. Perhaps this is an issue with the Featured product contribution, and perhaps you will tell me to post there, but I thought perhaps you would know where to point me to find the glitch. The index file is the only file that both contributions make changes to. Any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this problem in combining these contributions? Many thanks in advance for your help.