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  1. willwalla

    problem with canada post module

    how many shipping options do you offer ? Just Canada Post ? It is possible that you will have to set up your CP account first. You must be running on the demo version. WW www.callibo.com
  2. willwalla

    problem with canada post module

    What's the error ? WW www.callibo.com
  3. willwalla

    Zone Rates Shipping Table

    Mark, This is a tough one. I had the same problem with my delivery company as they charge based on postal code rather than province. What I did is develop a table rate method that makes more accurate use of the province shipping module that is available in the contributions : take an average of the shipping cost per province and state. Have you solved the problem since or are you still looking for a solution ? WW www.callibo.com
  4. willwalla

    problem with canada post module

    Cath, Which module are you using ? WW www.callibo.com
  5. willwalla

    canada post display pb

    Strange ! Don't have these functions. No need I guess. WW www.callibo.com
  6. willwalla

    No shipping options

    have you enable shipping modules ? WW www.callibo.com
  7. willwalla

    Fedex Help

    Go to Contributions, shipping modules, Fedex. Installation instructions are included. Good luck Shipping modules contributions, page 2 WW www.callibo.com
  8. willwalla

    Help Needed!

    Ryan, My associate says we would be able to help you out, but do not have the time at this stage. I guess you need it urgently as you want to go online with the store. Problem is, it really needs to be customized and more or less started from scratch. There needs to be thought put into it. If you cannot get a hold on Harald, I will try to get you at least a temporary solution Best WW www.callibo.com
  9. willwalla

    Help Needed!

    Yes I had to customize some of the modules to get them working for me. After I posted numerous questions on the forum, we ended up helping ourselves... I can ask my associate if he knows a solution to the problem. Will mail him the thread. Not sure why you can't reach Harald. Are you sure you are using the correct country and area codes ? I lived in Germany a while, maybe I can help out with that. Anyways, will get back to you on the issue if I find anything. WW www.callibo.com
  10. willwalla

    Adding handling charges to all shipments

    Are you using your customer account with Canada Post ? If I remember well, you can add handling charges in your user account. For test server, IP There you have access to your account and can play around. If you do not have an account with them and use the demo module, I would suggest you open an account, it is free. Just go their site, subscribe, then call their technical helpdesk and have them do it directly for you. That is what they did for me. After that it should be fine. Good luck WW www.callibo.com
  11. willwalla

    Help Needed!

    Well, tough one. I would say that you install different shipping modules and then limit them with zones. For instance, you can define zones for UPS shipping. So that would then only pick up the zones you want UPS to deliver (make sure you have an account with them) Then you can make a table zone that would pick up the towns that you do the delivery yourself. And finally the contractor delivery is a bit trickier, especially since you want to offer three types of delivery. First of all : what are the delivery zones ? (US, Canada, Australia ?) and after that it might be possible to think about different modules that fulfill your need. I had a similar issue because I use Canada Post, Fedex and a local contractor that only delivers in North America and changes rates with zones. Had to customize a table zone module. Hope it gives you the general guidelines. Maybe Harald has a personalized module ? WW www.callibo.com
  12. willwalla

    Help Needed!

    It would help if you outlined your problem again.... WW www.callibo.com
  13. willwalla

    Canada post boxes size not functioning

    Canada Post rates usually go with weight (as far as boxes go). So if you predefine boxes on the Can Post user account, it may use the right box, but the rate comes out the same because it is based on the weight of the box. If certain weight limits are not exceeded, the rate for shipping products in one or the other box can be the same. Problem is that on your site you will not see which box was used by CP. One trick how to find that out is to play with the limits. I have done that for overseas shipping as they have very tight rates for shipping under 250 gr, 500 gr and 1000 gr. If you define different weights of the boxes with some staying under 500 gr and others over, the rate will tell you that different boxes might have been used. (ex. take two products, same weight, but different dimensions, thus different boxes. That way you will find out through the rate). Hope that helps. For me the dimension module works fine, even if it was tricky to make it work with my other shipping modules (as box weight is predefined in CP user account and in the tare weight of the oscommerce module). If more explanation needed, I will check the messages periodically. WW www.callibo.com
  14. willwalla

    Fedex surcharge as a %

    Mike, Just tried : 10$ are added, not 10%.... Anything else I can try ? Thanks though WW www.callibo.com
  15. willwalla

    Fedex surcharge as a %

    Hey all, Still struggling with shipping modules. Since I use three modules in my shop, the combination of tare/box and wrapping weights makes it tough... I use Canada Post, which offers box sizes and weight addition to the customer account when processing the rate; I use Fedex which uses the weight plus tare weight in the admin configuration table; and finally, I use a customized table zone module that also uses the product weights and the default tare weight. Since Canada Post overseas rates are pretty tight, especially for small/light orders, I would like to use their system as it allows more than one tare weight. But that would put my tare weight for the other companies to zero... which is also not good. Anyone know how to : 1) either put more than one tare weight into oscommerce/admin/configuration 2) or adjust Fedex so that I can use a surcharge based on percentage rather than a fixed amount ? Tough one again....but I have overcome more than one since starting this bloody shop...:) Help appreciated, as usual WW www.callibo.com