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  1. 470HPLexusGS400

    [contribution] CustomerDiscount

    Sounds good for those willing to proceed. I ask however, does it work for you? I had to disable specials because because though it does not discount the special price (though it does the regular price in the special box), when a customer goes to the category to view product, the item is now discounted. However, if a customer adds this to the shopping cart, it reverts back to the normal special price.
  2. 470HPLexusGS400

    [contribution] CustomerDiscount

    I used Beyond Compare and install was a cinch. Thank you However, problem...the Specials price in the special box does not change which is good, but the special price DOES change once the customer is in the categories listings. Is there a fix for this? thank you
  3. 470HPLexusGS400

    [contribution] CustomerDiscount

    Thank you for your response hozone. Going through each file and identify changes is a bit too much for me at the moment. I will have to pass and continue my search. Thank you again for your quick response
  4. 470HPLexusGS400

    [contribution] CustomerDiscount

    This appears to be what I am looking for. A discount without the install complications of others. However I am a little confused on one aspect and ask for some assistance please. In the instructions it says, "apply the "diff" patch or use "MS2 patched files" of this file". The way I read this is if I already have a mod'd MS2 installation, use the diff patch, otherwise a new (clean) MS2 install could just use the MS2 partched files. So if I am correct with the above, how does one APPLY the patches? MS2 patched files has 15 changed files. Only 3 files in the patch. Thank you in advance
  5. 470HPLexusGS400

    Featured 1.5

    Very nice contribution. Thank you