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  1. Anyone know at all? I cant find any documentation on what a cart is supposed to reurn, so I am assuming that I should have something else other than the same id for each array within the array so that it can tell the difference.
  2. Whatever they choose, its reverting to the first option from that module after the payment method The array its returning looks like this - Array ( [id] => byitem [module] => By item V2.0 [methods] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => byitem [title] => Calculated on the cart contents - Urban [cost] => 4.5 ) [1] => Array ( [id] => byitem [title] => Calculated on the cart contents - Rural [cost] => 9.5 ) ) ) I have another method that returns about 10 options for different areas - urban and rural and it also always reverts to the top item in the list. Is there something else it needs to return to make the items individually selectable? Is the ID supposed to be the same for all of them? I tried searching and found no documentation on writing a shipping module so just modified another one to do what I wanted.
  3. Wanting to not end up with all nighters doing packing, is there any contrib that will limit the number of orders for a single day, any others placed once that limit are hit will be advised that their order will not pack untill the next day, and keep things so that it will then tell people 2 days till pack if the queue gets full for the next day? Seems that orders are very sporadic during the week. As an alternative, how about charging for same day dispatch, with a limited number of slots available for it, and all other orders just sit in a queue till they get around to being done?
  4. I installed this and found it broke the ability for the other modules to work. I was hoping that when people got to the checkout page they would have individual shipping $24 flatrate shipping auckland $8 and relyon them to choose the smart option but sadly it seems one of the edits for individual shipping disables all the other options. I am not sure why that module needs all those edits either, I thought the idea of a module was that it was standalone. Would love suggestions to these problems because the use of individual shipping (or something that duplicates it) is kinda essential to the launch of our store...
  5. Have deleted all the countries except new zealand from the table, and made 6 zones corresponding to what the courier charges us to each zone (local, same island and interisland with rural charge on all 3) - numbered them 1 to 6 where do I set the prices for these for the flat rate module to use them? there is a dropdown in the edit for flat rate which just has --none-- for the zone, and it looks like it would only allow for the one price anyway. I have modded the individual shipping contrib to deal with small orders, but for larger ones it quickly gets over the cost of a moderatly large box so really need the flat rate but per zone operational Thanks.
  6. Answering my own posting here, but the good news is that the line exec(DIR_IMAGEMAGICK . "mogrify +profile \"*\" -quality 50 -geometry " . $width . " \"".$filename_small."\""); Removes the 35odd kB comments from the file, and makes the quality low enough to get most thumbnails in at under 1.5kB - has _really_ helped page load times on the 33.6k connect here. Not 100% related to this contribution, but where would be the appropriate place to put a similar command line to strip comments and lower quality on images as they are uploaded to the site?
  7. Neither single quotes or backslash double quotes around that sorted it. another issue is, the file size of the thumbnails is exceeding the orig images in some cases - the images are saved mostly at wuality 3 in photoshop, and are about 35-40 kB in size, some of the thumbnails are over 40kB, even tho they are resized to the smaller size. I appended -quality 5 to the command line, and the images do indeed look like crap, but are still 35k. I think there is still the DCIF data from the camera present or something causeing this, as opening and saving in paint takes the size down to 3 kilobytes.
  8. Ok, I found what I was doing wrong, I was adding the function instead of editing it. However, it is only resizing images that have no spaces in the filename. If theres a space in the name, the size stays the same. Luckily the small image is shown in the correct aspect now. Is there any way to change this so that it will resize images with spaces in them rather then me having to go in and rename them and edit the mysql database by hand across all the entries affected?