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  1. Hello I have installed an OSC shop and using EP2.74 to load data into catalog,it works fine but I can't get the same with specials products, so is there any way to do it or even, can you help me at this point? Thanks a lot
  2. I can't believe that nobody have a similar request. I'm trying to configure an OSC2 but if I can't solve this point, it will not work for me. The point is: I need to have different subtotals from specials and normal products, because the market is planning to give discounts based on payment mode, but this will not include specials products. Can anybody help me?
  3. Hi, I'm configurating an oscommer and I can see that the way it calculates subtotal and totals doesn't fit my needs. I need to totalize products from "specials" and from normal categories in separate subtotals, because we are gonna give discounts on payment that are not appliables to Specials. Does anybody know how can I do with my little php skills? Thanks