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  1. jaki

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    This contribute works great! I only have one problem like some of you out there... weight. Somehow going back to every single product and add the weight attribute is so time consuming.... Does any one have a way work around this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. jaki

    Help! order missing! PAYPAL!

    Hey everyone, I am running into some paypal problems and need help... I have install the PWA (purchase without account) and are testing it with paypal's account optional function. Even though the auto-return function is on in paypal, after the payment is made it will not goto the checkout_success.php. when I click on return to merchant, it goes to the top page. I am trying to make things easier on my customers so they are not bond by account (my store or paypal), but it sure make things harder for me :( Anyone with similar set up???? Thanks